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Recently, a new term has come into use among aquarists: nano aquarium. The counters of pet shops are full of signs - fish for nano aquarium, plants for nano aquarium, equipment for nano aquarium. In order not to be amateurs in this matter, let us understand what this aquarium actually is.

Everyone is probably already familiar with the word "nano" - it means something very small. The term was first used in aquaristics to refer to a reef aquarium. The thing is that marine aquariums originally have a large volume (about 1,000 liters) due to the requirements of its inhabitants (anemones, corals, invertebrates, fish) for a large living space. Over time, smaller aquariums of up to 300 litres appeared on the market, which were called micro-reefs, and even later, when aquariums of less than 100 litres were introduced, they were called nano-reefs.

Now, when they write in the press about nano aquariums, they primarily refer to tiny freshwater aquariums of a volume not exceeding 40 litres, which sometimes contain just one small fish.

Aquariums of various shapes with a capacity of 10 to 30 litres from such renowned companies as Dennerle and Aquael are available in trade. These aquariums come with all the necessary equipment and even soil, so that after buying it, you only need to fill the aquarium with water and buy the inhabitants for him.

The advantage of a nano aquarium:

  • Small size, allowing it to be installed almost anywhere and, if required, easily relocated to a new location.
  • The weekly preventative water change takes very little time, as only a few litres of water need to be changed.
  • The aquarium does not require much substrate, which makes it possible to periodically replace the entire aquarium if the interior design has become tiresome and something new is desired.

Nano aquarium - what you need to know

Disadvantages of the nano aquarium:

The main disadvantage of such an aquarium is the instability of the water parameters, it is very difficult to maintain the biological balance in it. It is therefore not advisable for beginner aquarists to maintain this aquarium. In this aquarium, the slightest change in water parameters, it may begin uncontrolled growth of algae, if not all of its inhabitants suddenly die. What causes this:

Acidity (pH value).
The low water volume causes the pH value to vary within a rather broad range. Products from the fish cause the pH value to change considerably. This is particularly noticeable in newly started aquariums. Irregular water changes and systematic overfeeding also affect the pH value negatively.

Nitrite and ammonia
Nitrite and ammonia are deadly poisons for all aquarium inhabitants. These harmful elements tend to accumulate in the aquarium, resulting in a rapid growth of algae that not only spoil the decoration, but also kill the plants.

The water temperature in a small volume is subject to constant fluctuations. For some aquarium inhabitants, e.g. shrimps, these temperature variations may have unfortunate consequences.

Many - and in particular first-time aquarists - cannot resist the temptation of keeping many different fish, snails and shrimps in their small aquarium, and thus literally torture them. Organic waste will accumulate rapidly in the aquarium and the gradual extinction of all inhabitants will soon begin.

The salinity of the water relates to the saltwater aquarium. The gradual evaporation of the water raises the salinity, and if fresh water is not added in time, the water salinity will exceed the maximum value.

In view of the above, it is not advisable for novice aquarists to choose a nano aquarium as their first aquarium. It would be much better to buy an aquarium of 100 liters, and over time, when you gain experience in its care, you can return to this issue and buy something smaller.

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