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Zebrasoma rostratum

The Zebrasoma rostratum lives naturally in the central and eastern Pacific along the coasts of the Tuamotu, Pitcairn and Solomons Islands, at depths of 10 to 60 m. This is a very beautiful fish, but it is rarely found in hobby aquariums, due to its solitary lifestyle and habitat, which is very difficult to reach. Because of this, these fish appear very rarely on sale, and their cost is sometimes over $1,000.

Zebrasoma rostratum has an elongated snout and dorsal fin with stripes of silver. Body colour varies from dark brown to black. In mature fish, the muzzle and at the roots of the dorsal and anal fins become slightly greenish in colour. Sexual differences are not pronounced. In young fish, and sometimes adults, the body appears light silvery stripe extending from the root of the dorsal plumage to the base of the tail. The fish reach a size of 21 cm.

Zebrasoma rostratum

The Zebrasoma rostratum requires a large aquarium with a minimum volume of 700 liters. Keep this fish can be in a common aquarium with other peace-loving fish, but given the high cost zebrasoma black, it is desirable not to risk her life and still keep in a separate aquarium alone or in pairs. If the fish are to be kept in a pair, the fish in the aquarium at the same time, in this case it will be possible to avoid aggression between fish. Zebrasoma is highly immune and its content in the aquarium is usually no problem, although the fish to acclimatize to life in an aquarium environment for a long time.

Zebrasoma rostratum can be kept in an aquarium with invertebrates, which it does not cause any harm, the only person to whom the fish can provide some trouble - it polyps, which it can nibble on the tentacles.

Zebrasoma rostratum

Water parameters: temperature 24-27°C, hardness 8-12°, pH 8.0-8.4, salinity 1.022-1.024. Fish like calm water, so the water flow in the aquarium should be minimal.

In nature, the black zebra is fed by filamentous algae. Under aquarium conditions, the fish can be fed flake food containing algae, artemia, ground meat mizid and mollusks. Feed the fish at least 2-3 times per day. If the fish are young or thin in appearance, they need to be fed almost continuously.


The Zebrasoma rostratum is not propagated under aquarium conditions. All fish occasionally supplied to the domestic market are imported from their natural habitat.

ZEBRASOM BLACK (Zebrasoma rostratum)

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