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Apolemichthys arcuatus

The angelfish lives naturally in the coastal areas of Hawaii and Johnston Atoll. The fish stay along rocky coral reefs, near ledges and caves. This angelfish species is usually found in water depths of 12-50 m, although it has been reported from submarines that these fish have been seen in water depths of about 180 m. These fish are very rare in the trade and have a very high value. Recommended for keeping by experienced aquarists only.

Apolemichthys arcuatus has a pearly white body with a thick black stripe running across the upper side from the front of the eye to the back of the dorsal fin, as well as a similar black stripe running along the anal and caudal fins. There are no sex differences. The maximum size of the fish is 18 cm.

Apolemichthys arcuatus

Keep Apolemichthys arcuatus should be a spacious aquarium of 400 liters, with plenty of live rock and open space for free swimming. Keep these fish should preferably one at a time and not in any way not be placed under them other types of angels.

The fish is cocky and involved in almost all events that occur in the aquarium, and never misses a moment to demonstrate who is the aquarium owner.

If you want to keep the Apolemichthys arcuatus and be able to meet all its requirements, both in terms of technical equipment of the aquarium, as well as food, then try to buy a young fish, as it is the fastest acclimatized to life in the aquarium conditions. Initially, the fish will be very skittish and take shelter for long periods, but they will soon gain confidence and spend increasing amounts of time in the open areas of the aquarium. Avoid keeping valuable corals and sponges in the aquarium, as they will all be eaten up over time.

Apolemichthys arcuatus

The fish are sensitive to water quality - the aquarium needs good water filtration and increased aeration. Along the back wall of the aquarium to create a flow of water using a pump. Water parameters: temperature 23-27° C, pH 8,1-8,4, salinity 1.020-1.025.

In nature, angelfish bandits feed on sponges and shellfish. Keep fish in a home aquarium is very difficult, because they need a constant source of frozen food Angelfish sponge-based diet, which is difficult to find in pet shops and, in addition, the cost of such food is quite high. The fish can gradually be accustomed to shrimp, squid and mussel meat In addition to the main food, the fish are given dried algae. The food needs to be fed 3-4 times a day.


Apolemichthys arcuatus do not breed in aquarium conditions. Information is available on successful breeding of these fish at an aquaculture centre located in Hawaii.

Angel bandit (Apolemichthys arcuatus)

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