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Rasbora elegans

The elegans rasbora naturally inhabits bodies of water located in Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and the Greater Sunda Islands (Sumatra and Borneo). The fish can be found both in wetlands with standing water and in the beds of small fast-flowing rivers. The substratum in these areas is a mixture of sand and fine gravel, and in areas where rivers pass through forested areas, the bottom is covered with a layer of fallen leaves, branches and snags. These fish are rarely found in aquarists' collections, due to their unassuming colouration and relatively large size.

The body of Rasbora elegans is grey with a greenish sheen in the reflected light. The belly is silvery. The body has dark spots in the central part and at the root of the tail plumage. Females are slightly larger than males, more faded in colour and their abdomen is more rounded. The size of the fish is 15-20 cm.

This fish species is very peaceful, which makes them ideal neighbours when kept in a shared aquarium with other fish. Keep elegant Rasboras should be a group of at least 6 individuals. The fish will then be less jittery and their behavior will become more natural.

Rasbora elegans

The minimum size for keeping fish is 250 liters. The decoration selection is not as important as the water quality and the free floating area. Substrate made up of a mixture of sand and gravel of varying sizes, large stones and snags can be placed at the bottom. The perimeter of the aquarium can be planted with various plants. For maximum approximation to natural aquarium conditions at the bottom you can arrange pre-dried leaves of oak or beech.

Water parameters: temperature 22-25° C, hardness dH 2-12°, pH 5,0-7,5. Effective filtration, powerful aeration and a weekly change of ¼ of the aquarium water with fresh.

In nature, the elegans Rasboras feed mainly on invertebrates, both aquatic and terrestrial. In the aquarium, the fish are fed with daphnia, artemia, moths as well as dry and pelleted food. Feed the fish once or twice a day.


Like many fish of the carp family Rasbora elegans not burdened with the care of future offspring. Females spawn in the water column, and the males immediately fertilize it, and then the eggs are presented to themselves. The spawners do not mind gorging themselves on their eggs immediately after spawning, so the percentage of surviving fry in these conditions will be extremely low. In order to save the offspring to breed fish in a specially designated spawning aquarium of 120 liters.

In the spawning tank at the bottom have a separator mesh through the cells which could freely pass the eggs. In the spawning tank is placed 1-2 pairs of producers. Spawning can be initiated by adding a small amount of cold water every few hours while giving a small portion of live or frozen food.

Females spawn in batches and sometimes spawn for about 5 days. Once the spawning has finished, the spawners should be removed. The eggs incubate for 24-48 hours, and after another 3-4 days the fry begin to swim and feed.

The fry are fed with artemia and special dry food for carp fry.

Rasbora elegans

The life span of the Rasbora elegans in an aquarium is about 5 years.

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