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Murdania Pink

Murdania Pink grows under natural conditions in bodies of water located in continental Southeast Asia. It can be found along the banks of lakes and rivers and in rice paddies.

It is a relatively new aquarium plant that is not widely distributed among aquarists. In general, the plant is undemanding and can be recommended to beginner aquarists.

Murdania Pink

Murdania Pink has long, corrugated, red-green leaves at the edges. The young shoots are reddish in colour. The stem is stiff, fleshy. The leaf plate is lanceolate. Leaves are arranged alternately on the stem. Very much like tradescansia. The plant reaches a height of 10-15 cm. The growth rate is medium.

It is recommended to plant the Murdania Pink bushes in the foreground. Also great plant looks on the second and third plan of the aquarium.

Water parameters: temperature 24-28° C, hardness dH 8-12°, pH 6,2-6,8. The plant responds well to the introduction of mineral fertilizers. A supplement of CO2 is preferable to speed up growth.

The light intensity needs to be bright, approximately 0.7 Watts per litre. A day requires 11-12 hours of light per day. Only in bright light can the leaves have an attractive reddish colouring.


Pink Murdania is propagated vegetatively. It is propagated by cutting off the twigs and placing them in the ground with a small stone on top.

Murdania Pink

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