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Cryptoheros myrnae

The common cichlazoma inhabits bodies of water in Costa Rica and Panama. The fish can be found in swift currents and on sandy shoals. The fish are not demanding and cope with their content can even beginners aquarists.

Cryptoheros myrnae have an almost oval body, slightly compressed from the sides. Coloration of the body grayish-yellow. The fins have bluish edging. In the middle part of the body is a black spot, and females appear during the spawning period, additional spot at the root of the tail plumage. Males are more brightly colored than females. Males reach a size of 9-10 cm and females 7-8 cm.

Cryptoheros myrnae

The Cryptoheros myrnae is a moderately aggressive fish. This cichlazoma species can be kept in a common tank with other cichlids in a spacious aquarium, where each fish species can occupy its own territory. Shared housing with fish occupying the middle and upper layers of water is most suitable. The minimum volume of a fish tank is 100 liters. Keeping the Peaceful Cichlazas in a large aquarium does not pose any problems. They can be kept as singles or in pairs.

Water parameters: temperature 23-26° C, hardness dH 10-26°, pH 7,0-8,5. Requires aeration, filtration and weekly replacement of ¼ of the aquarium water with fresh.

As the soil is better to use coarse river sand or fine gravel.

Cryptoheros myrnae

Moderate, diffuse lighting. Daily light duration of about 10 hours.

The Peaceful Cichlazoma feeds on almost any food they will be offered. They are fed with artemia, chopped shrimp meat, and granular or flaked dried food. Plant food (spirulina, fresh blanched herbs, green peas) is required. Feed the fish once or twice a day.


Breeding Cryptoheros myrnae rather simple.

First you need a pair of producers, which is easy to form, buying a group of young fish and raising them together. In a large aquarium over time you will notice how some fish, in pairs, will begin to separate from the flock and swim separately. At this time, you should catch a couple of fish and place them in another aquarium.

Female spawning takes place in a cave or grotto. Before spawning, the female begins in every way to attract the male to the nest, shaking in front of him and showing their brightly colored sides. The female will hatch eggs on the inside walls of the nest shelter. In total, the female hatches up to 200 eggs. Once the male has fertilized, the female takes over full care of the eggs, while the male patrols the surrounding area, keeping other fish away. At this time, the Cryptoheros myrnae become extremely aggressive and attack anything that makes them suspicious, even a human hand.

The eggs incubate for 3-4 days, after which the larvae hatch and sink to the bottom of the shelter. The producers then transfer them to a previously dug hole near the shelter, where the fry stay until the nutrients contained in their yolk sacs have been absorbed. After 4-7 days, the fry begin to swim under the supervision of their parents and begin to feed. At this time, they begin to be fed with artemia nauplii. The parents monitor their offspring for several weeks.

Cryptoheros myrnae

The Cryptoheros myrnae lives under aquarium conditions for up to 8-10 years.

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