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Callochromis melanostigma

Callochromis melanostigma inhabits the northern part of the African Lake Tanganyika in the wild. Females keep in small groups, while males are constantly near the sand nest, guarding it.

Callochromis melanostigma gets its name from the dark spots located on the body and fins. It should be said that these spots are the only difference from the related fish - Callochromis macrops. The fish are distinguished by their large head and large eyes. Males are coloured light brown. Males have dark red spots on their anal fin. Their throat is dark blue with peculiar golden eyebrows. Juveniles have an unassuming grayish coloration with a silvery sheen. Males reach a size of 14 cm, while females are slightly smaller.

Callochromis melanostigma

Callochromis melanostigma benthic life. Males are very aggressive towards each other. Even living in a relatively large aquarium they do not miss the opportunity to "hurt" each other. At the same time, the females suffer as well. Therefore, preferably in one aquarium contain only one male and 3-4 females. When containing Kallohromisov blackspotted in the general aquarium with other fish, the latter need to be carefully selected, and if it is noticed their harassment Kallohromisami, fish should be immediately removed, otherwise be in trouble.

Callochromis melanostigma constantly dig in the soil sifting sand through the gills, in search of food. Given this behavior of fish need to ground in the aquarium was sandy. Preferably the entire area of the bottom of the aquarium conventionally divided into territories, limiting them from each other with stones. It should be said that the fish do not hide in hiding, so the presence of grottoes not required.

Water parameters: temperature 23-28° C, hardness dH 12-17°, acidity pH 8,0-9,5. Requires filtration, aeration and a weekly change of ¼ of the aquarium water with fresh.

Callochromis melanostigma

Under natural conditions Callochromis melanostigma feeds on insect larvae, molluscs and other aquatic organisms, which they harvest by sifting the substrate through their gills. In aquarium conditions, fish are given artemium, chopped shrimp meat, dry sinking food containing spirulina. Feed the fish twice a day.


Before female spawning, the male builds in the sand spawning hole with a diameter of 10-20 cm, the height of the shaft around the nest reaches 15 cm. It should be noted that in the wild, males build their nests at a distance of 2 metres from each other. Once the nest is built, the male, wriggling his whole body and fluffing out all his fins, attracts the female to it. As soon as the female swims up to the nest, she hatches a small batch of eggs and immediately collects them all in her mouth. Then the male turns sideways to the female, attracting her attention to his calves on his anal fin and immediately releases milk. This cycle is repeated until the female has fully spawned. A single female, depending on size, hatches up to 55 eggs.

The eggs incubate in the female's mouth for 2.5-3 weeks, after which the fully formed fry leave her mouth. The fry are quite large, up to 1.6 cm long.

The fry are fed with artemia 4 times a day.

Callochromis melanostigma

Life expectancy for Callochromis melanostigma in an aquarium is about 5-8 years.

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