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Heros notatus

The Heros notatus naturally inhabits the Rio Negro River and its tributaries, Brazil. The water in these areas has a brownish colour due to organic matter decomposing on the bottom. These fish can often be found in the muddy banks. The fish is very attractive and undemanding, and even novice aquarists can cope with its keeping. The only thing that might make them reluctant to buy these fish is their rather large size, which would require a large aquarium.

Heros notatus has a bluish-yellow body coloration. There are scattered spots of black on the abdomen and a transverse stripe runs at the base of the tail plumage. Males have elongated and pointed at the ends anal and dorsal plumage. In addition, they have small red mottles on their bodies, while females also have them, but in a darker colouration. Males are slightly larger than females. Size of fish in nature reaches 30 cm, although in aquariums they usually do not exceed 25 cm.

Heros notatus

The Heros notatus is a moderately aggressive fish. The main aggression is shown by the males towards each other, mainly during the spawning period. To other fish are not aggressive. Possible content in a common aquarium with other fish commensurate in size and similar in behavior. Keep fish should be a small group of 1 male and 3-4 females.

Given the considerable size of fish, the aquarium should have a volume of 250 liters. The aquarium should provide plenty of free space for swimming fish. The soil should be sandy, or at least in the form of fine polished pebbles - fish are constantly swarming in the substrate, looking for particles of food in it. At the bottom, along the edges of the aquarium, you can place large snags, tree branches and flat stones.

Water parameters: temperature 22-29° C, hardness dH 1-10°, pH 6,0-7,0. Requires filtration, aeration and a weekly change of ¼ of the aquarium water with fresh water.

Heros notatus

The lighting can be of any intensity, here it is more the required brightness of the light for the plants planted in the aquarium.

The fish do not have high requirements for their menu and eat most foods intended for aquarium fish. they are given artemium, chopped shrimp meat and bloodworms. A vegetable food additive is also required, e.g. blanched lettuce and spinach leaves, dry food containing spirulina. Feed the fish once or twice a day.


Heros notatus is not often seen in trade, and information on their successful breeding in captivity is not much. Nevertheless, the fish do breed under aquarium conditions.

The fish pair up first, which is sometimes not always possible, as the producers are not always able to find a mate. Buying a school of young fish, which may form one or more pairs in time if kept together, may considerably improve the chances in this regard.

Before spawning, the producers dig a small hole in the ground or clean the surface of a large flat rock. The female will then hatch an egg, which is immediately fertilized by the male. Both parents protect the clutch from all uninvited guests.

Heros notatus

The eggs incubate for 2-3 days. Hatch larvae stay for 3-4 days in the nest, after which, under the supervision of the parents, they begin to swim in a friendly flock in search of food.

The fry are fed with artemia nauplii at least 4 times a day.

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