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Nowadays, many aquarists are fond of nano shrimp aquariums in addition to their conventional aquariums.

Choosing the right location for the aquarium

Shrimps do not need a large aquarium. Small nano aquariums are therefore used for keeping shrimps, which can easily be placed anywhere in the flat and are also much easier to monitor.

So, what is needed for the installation of a nano aquarium for shrimps.



You will need an electrical socket nearby, to connect the lighting, water filter and heater. Make sure you twist all the wires into a drip loop, which will prevent water from running along the power cord into the electrical socket. Today, most homes and modern offices are equipped with effective climate control systems. However, do not place the shrimp tank where it will be exposed to high or low temperatures.

Choosing a nano shrimp tank

You can buy a universal nano aquarium that comes with all the necessary equipment initially, or you can buy an aquarium and retrofit it yourself.

We offer advice on what you need to buy to install a proper shrimp aquarium.



For a better view and a modern look, look for a glass aquarium with curved edges. The smoothed edges will make it easier to observe the shrimp. Some nano aquariums are manufactured with bevelled glass edges at 45 degrees. The joints of the glass in these aquariums are filled with a transparent silicone sealant and generally appear in the shape of a crystal. Inexpensive plastic aquariums tend to distort the view when viewed from the side. Glass looks great from any angle.


Shrimp aquariums should be equipped with a filter. Most shrimp do not like strong water currents, so do not buy an aquarium filter that is too powerful. A small aquarium filter is sufficient for a nano aquarium.

Water temperature

Neocardine shrimps thrive in cool water (18-21° C). Warmer water (26-28° C) helps accelerate development and promotes reproduction, but significantly reduces the life span of shrimp. Sharp fluctuations in water temperature are detrimental to shrimp. To minimize fluctuations in water temperature, use an immersion heater.


Shrimps like sandy or gravel substrate. Specialised shrimp substrates are available in the trade that look nice and also promote the growth of aquarium plants. If you plan to grow plants, the finer substrate will provide a better root environment than coarse gravel.


Artificial lighting is required to enjoy the natural colours of the shrimps. The purchase of a LED light can be recommended here, as it requires only a small amount of power and is not very warm. The running time is considerably longer than for incandescent lamps.

Plants and decoration

Shrimps like to have places to hide. You can place driftwood, large rocks and grottoes on the bottom. The shrimps are constantly on the move eating microscopic food deposited on the bottom, decorations and plant leaves.

If you intend to grow plants in a nano aquarium, select plants that can grow in low light, e.g. Java moss. Nano aquariums do not generally have bright light.

Nano-aquarium for shrimps

Care of a nano aquarium with shrimps

As soon as you start the aquarium and place the shrimps in it, you need to carry out periodic maintenance. This is actually not difficult at all, especially with a nano aquarium.

Replace 1/5 of the aquarium water with fresh water every 2-3 weeks. Change the water filter fill every month. You may have to wipe the inside of the glass with a cloth to remove algae on it.

That's pretty much it. Good luck!

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