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Syngonanthus Madeira

Syngonanthus Madeira is a rare and unique plant native to South America. It is generally very similar to the closely related Tonina sp.Belem, this plant is characterised by its crown-like umbrella. In the collections of domestic aquarists this plant appeared relatively recently, but they have already gained popularity.

Syngonanthus Madeira is relatively short and squat. The plant has slender leaves that point outwards rather than curling down. The stem is brittle, but quite sturdy. Madeira singonanthus grows quickly in optimal conditions. Its leaves are up to 5 cm long.

Syngonanthus Madeira

Madeira has great potential as a carpet, as it can quickly grow on the substrate to form a beautiful green lawn. It is recommended to place the Madeira bushes in the front and middle areas of the aquarium. The shrubs can be cut periodically to give them a more attractive shape.

The Madeira singonanthus, like other singonanthus species, is a very delicate plant. They are, as one might say, delicate plants which can only thrive under certain conditions. Bright light, CO2 fertilisation and soft water are among the basic requirements for proper development of these plants.

The lighting should be bright, with an intensity of 1 W/l. The daylight hours should last approximately 10 hours a day. Remember that they can't tolerate any shade at all and shouldn't be surrounded by tall bushes that provide shade. If the leaves are covered with a brownish scaling you need to increase the CO2 concentration in the water and diminish the lighting.

Water parameters: temperature 20-29° C, hardness 1-4°, pH 5,5-7,5. Iron supplementation is required. A lack of iron will cause the leaves to become pale and excessively brittle. The water must be crystal clear and free of fine sediment, which not only spoils the appearance of the leaves but also causes them to die off. A good filtration using a canister type water filter is therefore essential.

Syngonanthus Madeira

River sand or a mixture of river sand and fine gravel is best. This should be placed in the aquarium as a layer of approx. 10 cm. It is advisable to put pieces of peat under the roots of the plants.


Propagate the Cingonanthus Madeira by pruning off part of the roots and then placing them on the substrate by pressing against it with a small stone.

Syngonanthus Madeira

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