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Axelrodia stigmatias

Axelrodia stigmatias, or as this small tetra-pepper fish is naturally found in the western part of the Amazon, South America. The fish can be found in channels and small streams that flow into the main river channel. These areas are mostly thickly forested, with the result that the bottom of these channels is covered with a thick layer of fallen tree leaves and snags, and the water itself has a brownish colouring due to tannins dissolved in it.

Axelrodia stigmatias is named after the American author, publisher and entrepreneur Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod.

Axelrodia stigmatias, stigmatis

The Axelrodia stigmatias has an elongated body of silvery pink coloration. The head is large. There are red-black lines at the root of the tail plumage. In contrast to the males, the females have a rounded abdomen. The size of the fish reaches 2 cm.

The Axelrodia stigmatias is a peaceful fish. Despite the fact that these fish are not gregarious and the males are territorial, yet in the aquarium preferably contain them in a group of 8-10 fish. In this case, the fish will be less fearful and will exhibit natural behavior. For such a number of fish suitable aquarium volume of 50 liters.

Coarse-grained river sand should be used as a substrate. A large number of snags and tree branches should be placed at the bottom. Adding pre-dried oak, beech or alder leaves to the bottom surface imitates the natural conditions as much as possible. In addition, bacterial colonies will develop in this substrate, which is good additional food for the fry.

The lighting should be low, with an intensity of about 0.2 W/L. This should be considered when placing plants in the aquarium and select plant species that can grow in such conditions, e.g. Javanese moss, Cryptocoryne thwaitesii etc.

Axelrodia stigmatias, stigmatis

Water parameters: temperature 20-28° C, hardness dH 1-5°, pH 4.0-6.5. It should be noted that acidity with low carbonate hardness and very low total hardness is required for breeding purposes and may require reverse osmosis or another method to obtain soft water. Aeration and efficient water filtration is required. Fish are very sensitive to organics dissolved in the water and should not be introduced into an aquarium that has not yet established biological equilibrium.

The menus of fish in nature consist of zooplankton and other small invertebrates. In aquariums, fish are fed a variety of dry food, as well as live and frozen artemia, daphnia, small bloodworms.


Axelrodia stigmatias can breed in the aquarium, where he lives all the time, without various measures to stimulate spawning, but in this case, the percentage of surviving fry will be small. To maintain the stock of fry is best to breed fish in a spawning tank, which is soft, slightly acidic water and many small-leaved plants, in the thick of which the females will spawn. Immediately after spawning, producers should be removed from the spawning tank, otherwise they begin to eat their eggs.

Hatchlings are fed live dust and after 1.5-2 weeks begin to give daphnii.

Axelrodia stigmatias, stigmatis

The life expectancy of Axelrodia rosea is 3-4 years.

The Axelrodia stigmatias stigmatis life span of Axelrodia pinkica is 3-4 years.

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