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The famous Chinese company XIAOMI has decided to release an unusual product - an aquarium called Geometry Fish Tank Aquaponics Ecosystem. To be fair, the aquarium is not designed by the company itself, but by one of the start-ups Xiaomi owns the rights to, which is why there is no Xiaomi logo on the product. The aquarium is touted and described as a cutting-edge device, but whether this is actually the case, let's investigate...


  • no need for frequent water changes
  • "smart single button water extraction
  • adjustable oxygen supply
  • five colour presets LED lighting
  • 5V low voltage power supply system

Geometry Fish Tank Aquaponics Ecosystem

The Geometry Fish Tank Aquaponics Ecosystem has an elegant design. In some ways it resembles a rectangular and oval shape. The biggest advantage of this aquarium is that it can be used both as a conventional fish tank and as a flower tank, i.e. it is an ecological aquarium that presents us with two ecosystems in one. No matter where you place it, it blends in perfectly with the overall design of your home, office or room. Importantly, there is no need to change the water frequently. The aquarium has intelligent control with an inductive button for changing the water. Thus, you do not waste time with this task. The overall dimensions of the tank are 382 x 229 x 166 mm and the tank weighs 1 kg.

Aquarium Geometry Fish Tank Aquaponics Ecosystem

As you can see from the photo, there is a plant towering over the aquarium. In order to combine the aquarium with the cultivation of houseplants, the aquarium has a siphon-type tank which recycles water from the aquarium to moisten and nourish the plant. It should be noted that this has no effect on the water quality because the diameter of the water hole in the pot is too small for the soil in the pot to affect the water parameters.

If you want to add some "highlight" to the look of the aquarium, LED lighting with five preset modes is available. The emitting frequencies are blue, green, purple, pink and turquoise.

The aquarium is a robust construction. The four-stage filtration system, volcanic stone, nitrifying bacteria from magnetic ring stone culture, activated carbon for the elimination of harmful bacteria, top and bottom filter element made of bio-chemical cotton make the filtration very effective.

The filter pump is powered by a USB charger. The greatest advantage of this water filter is the carbon system for neutralising harmful bacteria. Overall, the aquarium is easy to operate, and the intelligent one-button control avoids a lot of hassle.

The air compressor is also powered from a 5 V DC supply.


The fact that all active equipment in the aquarium is in fact powered by the charger with USB port, from practically any smartphone, or from a rechargeable battery, makes it completely maintenance-free. In addition, in the event of a power failure, the entire equipment can operate for quite a long time on a backup power source (battery). At the same time, the aquarium has no heater, which makes it impossible to keep heat-loving fish and plants in it.

The rather modest volume (10 liters) only accommodates low-maintenance fish such as Poecilia reticulata, Xiphophorus hellerii or Poecilia mickey mouse.

Aquarium Geometry Fish Tank Aquaponics Ecosystem

Despite some shortcomings, the aquarium by XIAOMI can be considered quite viable and is particularly good for beginners to aquarists.

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