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Zebrasoma desjardinii

Zebrasoma sailing Dejardins inhabits the western part of the Indian Ocean and Red Sea, and further eastwards to Java. The fish can be found in lagoons, among reefs, swimming in pairs or in small groups, at depths of 2 to 30 m. Young fish stay in the current, near corals. The fish was first described in 1836, and since then has been coveted by many aquarists. These fish can often be found in pet shops specializing in the marine fish trade. In the U.S., their minimum price is $35.

The body of Zebrasoma desjardinii is disk-shaped, as, however, in all fish of the family surgeon. The only thing that distinguishes these fish from other fish of this family, so it is great dorsal and anal fins, which are sometimes the same size as the body. when sailing desjardinii spreads out all their fins its size is almost doubled. Sexual differences are not pronounced. In nature, adults reach up to 40 cm in size.

Zebrasoma desjardinii

The body coloration of the fish is very attractive. Its entire area is decorated with a peculiar striped pattern consisting of thin lines of white, yellow and black. Vertical, broad, dark-colored stripes run through the fish's eyes and behind them. The belly is decorated with yellow-orange spots. The same spots, only less contrasting, are on the tail plumage. Young fish are darker in coloration than adults and have no spots on their belly. The tail plumage has a bony plate that is razor sharp. When a fish is at rest this plate is hidden in a groove, but at the slightest danger it comes out of the groove and can cause a significant injury to an opponent. Therefore, care must be taken when handling these fish - a cut caused by sloppy handling of this fish does not heal for a long time.

In the aquarium, preference should be given to young fish, as they are much easier and faster to adapt to life in captivity, which is not the case with adult fish, which very often simply die. Suitable for keeping young fish aquarium of 300 liters. If you purchased an adult fish, the volume of the aquarium for them to be at least 500 liters. Despite the fact that the Zebrasoma Dejardins quite comfortably feel in a wide range of water parameters, yet need to strive not only for their consistency, but also the consistency of internal arrangement of the aquarium. The fish have a strong immune system and are rarely ill.

The sailing Zebrasoma desjardinii has an active lifestyle. The fish is very fast, spending most of the time in motion.

Strong aeration of the water is required. Also ensure plenty of water flow by using, for instance, a water pump. Ensure that the fish have enough room to swim. Place corals and stones at the bottom, on which algae, which serve as good complementary food for the surgeons, will eventually grow.

Water parameters: temperature 23 - 28 degrees Celsius. Changing 1/10th of the aquarium water every fortnight is necessary.

Zebrasoma desjardinii

Preferably bright lighting to provoke algae growth, which is the main food for the zebrasome.

The Zebrasoma desjardinii feeds throughout their active time, which means they need a proper diet. The main food of these fish is filamentous algae, which they nibble off rocks. In an aquarium environment they can be fed with seaweed, dried food containing spirulina, lettuce, spinach, pre-cooked courgettes, etc.


Zebrasoma desjardinii does not propagate under aquarium conditions.

Zebrasoma desjardinii

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