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Sewellia lineolata

The Sewellia lineolata of the cevelli is mountain rivers in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. The fish are found in shallows and tributaries of fast-flowing rivers in oxygenated water. The soil in the habitats usually consists of a mixture of sand and gravel, boulders and tree roots.Aquatic plants are absent, although riparian vegetation is well developed.

Sewellia lineolata lives in currents, so the entire body of the fish is adapted to live in such conditions. The paired fins are arranged horizontally. The fish body, head and fins combine to create a kind of valve with a powerful suction cup that allows the fish to securely attach to various surfaces. Females differ from males in the structure of their body and head. When looking at the fish from above, females have a wide body with tightly fitting fins, while males have a more, if I may say so, square body with spread out fins. In addition, females are noticeably fuller than males. The maximum size of the fish is 6.5 cm.

Sewellia lineolata

In terms of behaviour, the Sewellia lineolata is probably the most dominant suction cup fish of the gastromyzon family, although they are generally not aggressive towards dissimilar fish. In the wild, Sevelia casterfish tend to occur in fairly large aggregations, so it is advisable to purchase a group of 6 or more if you want to see their most interesting behaviour. The males are territorial and are always engaged in battles for dominance. At these moments, they press their bellies against each other and take an upright position. Possible maintenance of fish in a common aquarium with Danio, Cardinals, Rainbow and Rasborov.

The water should be crystal clear, oxygenated. The use of powerful water filters with a capacity of at least 15-20 volumes per hour is recommended. Snags and flat stones should be placed on the bottom. As the soil can be applied medium-sized gravel, preferably polished. Water parameters: temperature 20-24° C, hardness dH 4-18°, pH 6,0-7,5. Given the high requirements for water quality fish should not be started in an aquarium, which has not yet established biological equilibrium. A weekly change of 1/3 of the aquarium water with fresh water is required.

Sewellia lineolata

Under natural conditions, Sewellia linolata feeds on algae and the micro organisms that live in them. The fish are fed chopped vegetables and spirulina in the aquarium. It is very important to place in the aquarium, flat stones and other decorations, overgrown with algae, which constitute the bulk of the menu of fish. do not refuse the fish and pelleted and flake food containing spirulina. Feed the fish once or twice a day.


Separate aquarium will be required for breeding Sevelius spillover. It should be placed substrate, consisting of large fringed gravel, chasms between the which protect the eggs from manufacturers, which immediately after spawning not eager to eat them. Also need to be placed at the bottom of several flat stones covered with algae, to equip the aquarium external water filter and provide strong aeration.

Spawning fish stimulate an increase in water temperature to 25-26 ° C, as well as by substituting its ½ part fresh.

The male starts courting the female by stalking her. When the female responds to the male's courtship, he tries to push her out into the open water with his head. The pair of producers rises into the water column and at this moment the female hatches a batch of eggs and the male immediately inseminates her. The eggs drop to the bottom in the crevices between the rocks where they incubate. The spawners do not need to be set aside, they do not touch their young.

Hatch fry are fed infusoria, and after 2 weeks begin to give nauplii Artemia.

Sewellia lineolata

Life span of Sewellia linolata in an aquarium is about 5-6 years.

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