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Laubuka caeruleostigmata

The bluetongue hellebore inhabits the Chao Phraya and Mekong river basins in Southeast Asia in the wild. The fish can be found both in streams and quiet backwaters, as well as in flooded fields and rainforests during the rainy season. The fish swim in large flocks almost near the water's surface. Currently, the number of fish in the wild has decreased considerably.

Laubuka caeruleostigmata has an elongated tall body of silver or olive colour. The body has small turquoise spots and weakly contrasting dark spots. The females have a rounded abdomen and are slightly larger than the males. The maximum size of the fish is 5-7 cm.

Laubuka caeruleostigmata

The Laubuka caeruleostigmata is a peaceful fish. Keep these fish desirable small flock of 6-8 individuals. With fewer fish, they become timid. These fish feel well in the aquarium capacity of 100 liters, which should create a sufficiently strong current of water, using a pump or by directing the diversion nozzle filter water along one of the long walls of the aquarium. at the bottom to arrange snags and large stones. Share the tank with other peace-loving fish that live in the currents in nature. Use coarse and medium-sized gravel as substrate. As the plants to use these species, which are well anchored in the soil and fish digging in it will not be able to pull them.

Like many fish living in running water, Hela blue does not tolerate a high concentration of organic matter in it, which requires a high-performance external filter canister type. Also, the aquarium must be top-covered, as the fish are excellent jumpers and can easily jump out of it.

Laubuka caeruleostigmata

Water parameters: temperature 20-26° C, hardness dH 1-12°, pH 6,0-8,0. Need aeration and a weekly substitution of 1/3 of the aquarium water with fresh.

In natural conditions Hela blue feeds on aquatic invertebrates and their larvae. In the aquarium, the fish are fed live and frozen daphnia, naiplia artemia, bloodworm as well as dry pelleted and flaked food. The fish mainly take food from the surface of the water. The fish are fed twice a day.


Laubuka caeruleostigmata reaches sexual maturity at the age of 5-6 months.

For breeding fish need a spawning aquarium of about 20 liters. it should be planted shrubs broad-leaved plants, on the leaves of which the females latch the eggs.

For spawning, 1 male and 2 females are taken out. Spawning is stimulated by increasing the water temperature to 28° C. During spawning, the female hatches up to 150 eggs. The eggs incubate for 24-30 hours. The fry begin to swim on the 4th day of their lives. Immediately after spawning, the producers should be removed.

The fry are fed with artemia nauplii and daphnia at least 4 times a day.

Laubuka caeruleostigmata

Life span of the Laubuka caeruleostigmata in an aquarium is about 3 years.

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