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Xenophallus umbratilis

Xenophallus umbratilis or Teddy golden in natural conditions lives in bodies of water located on the plateaus in eastern Costa Rica, Central America. The fish stay in quiet river pools and lakes, in coastal areas, in the thick of aquatic vegetation. On the whole, the fish are attractive. Due to special requirements for water quality, these fish are recommended to keep trained aquarists.

Xenophallus umbratilis is bright yellow or pale orange. The body is translucent and through it well see the entire backbone. All fins except the dorsal fin are colourless. Dorsal fin black. Sexual differences: Males are smaller than females, more slender and they have an elongated anal fin. Males do not exceed 4 cm in size, females about 6 cm.

Xenophallus umbratilis

Xenophallus umbratilis have an active lifestyle. These fish swim around the aquarium uncontrollably, not ignoring any object in the aquarium. Keep the fish in a small group of at least four. When keeping in a community tank as neighbours to the golden teddies need to select peace-loving fish of comparable size.

Despite the small size of the fish, they need plenty of living space, so the tank should have a capacity of about 100 liters. The aquarium should plant a large number of tall plants, and on the surface of the water to place bushes of floating plants with long roots.

As is known, many fish are undemanding in the contents of the family of pecilians, but Xenophallus yellowish among them is an exception. This fish has high demands on water quality and is very sensitive to the high content of organic matter in it. Water parameters: temperature 22-26° C, hardness dH 1-12°, pH 6,7-7,5. Requires good filtration, aeration and a weekly change of ¼ of the aquarium water with fresh.

Xenophallus umbratilis

Medium light intensity. Daily light duration 10-12 hours. Avoid using bright lighting in the aquarium, as the colours of the fish fade, so they lose all their attractiveness.

In natural conditions, Xenophallus umbratilis feeds on algae, invertebrates and detritus. In aquariums, the fish are fed live and frozen artemia, daphnia, moths, as well as a variety of dry food containing spirulina. Feed the fish 2 times a day.


Xenophallus umbratilis reach sexual maturity at 3-4 months of age.

These fish are viviparous and hatch fully developed fry that are ready for independent life immediately after birth.

The eggs incubate in the abdomen of the female for 4 weeks. Depending on her physiological condition, one female spawns about 15-20 fish. If the aquarium, which gave birth to fry, densely planted, the producers can not be removed, as they are completely indifferent to their offspring.

The fry are fed with Artemia nauplii and special feeds intended for pecile fry.

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The Xenophallus umbratilis has a life span of about 3-4 years under aquarium conditions.

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