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Laemolyta taeniata

Lemolyta striata, Laemolyta taeniata, Anostomus taeniatus occurs naturally in the central Amazon Basin, South America. The fish can be found both in the river channel and in its tributaries, as well as in flooded, during the rainy season, areas of the rainforest. Due to their lack of obvious colouration these fish have not gained much popularity, which is why they are rarely found in aquarists' collections.

Laemolyta taeniata has an elongated body. The colouration is steel-coloured with a golden sheen. The back is dark, the belly is light. On the sides, from the eye to the root of the tail plumage is a black longitudinal stripe. All fins are colorless. Sexual differences are poorly expressed. Mature females have a rounded abdomen and slightly larger than males. The maximum size of fish in nature reaches 28.5 cm.

Lemolyta taeniata

The Striped Laemolyta taeniata is generally a peaceful fish. Keep these fish in a group of at least 4. Smaller numbers may make them excessively restless, which may not be the best effect on all aquarium inhabitants.

Given their considerable size, the aquarium needs a capacity of at least 400 liters. Snags and pre-dried oak leaves can be placed on the bottom. On the surface of the water can be placed a few bushes of floating plants.

Water parameters: temperature 20-28° C, hardness dH 1-12°, pH 4,0-7,5. Aeration and powerful water filtration is required. As the water filter is suitable model capacity of at least 4-5 volumes of water per hour. A weekly change of 1/3 of the aquarium water with fresh water is also required. Do not introduce fish into an aquarium in which the biological equilibrium has not yet been established. The Leomita striata is an excellent jumper and can easily jump out of the aquarium, so a cover is a must.

Lemolyta taeniata

Low to medium light. Daily light duration 10-12 hours.

The Laemolyta taeniata is a herbivorous fish. In nature it feeds on algae and small insect larvae. Under aquarium conditions the fish can be fed a variety of live and frozen food, as well as plant foods in the form of blanched spinach, lettuce, cucumber, courgette and algae. feed the fish once a day.


The Laemolyta taeniata does not propagate under aquarium conditions.

The Laemolyta taeniata has a lifespan of about 6-8 years.

Laemolyta taeniata

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