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Carnegiella myersi

The Carnegiella myersiground fish inhabits the Amazon basin in nature. The fish is found in shoals, in shaded areas, and in small forest streams. It is named after the American ichthyologist George S. Meyers, who was the first to describe it. These fish are very rare to find in collections of aquarists, and this is primarily due to the fact that they do not breed in an aquarium, and they are delivered to the domestic market only from their natural habitat.

Carnegiella myersi has a translucent body through which you can see the skeleton and internal organs of the fish. The body shape is axe-like. In the middle part of the body is a dark band that begins at the head and ends at the root of the tail plumage. Females have a more rounded abdomen. This is clearly visible when looking at the fish from above. The size of the fish is 2-2.5 cm.

Carnegiella myersi

The Carnegiella myersi Fish are peaceful fish. Keep these fish should be a small group of at least 6 specimens in a species or general aquarium with other peace-loving and commensurate in size fish. Excessively active neighbours should be avoided.

The Carnegiella myersi have higher requirements for water quality, so introduce these fish only after the aquarium has established biological equilibrium. Water movement in the aquarium should be minimal. The aquarium should have a cover to prevent the fish from jumping out of it.

To contain fish, given their small size, suitable aquarium volume of 50 liters. as the ground can be used as river sand. Pre-dried beech or oak leaves should preferably be placed at the bottom. Such leaf litter over time formed a colony of bacteria, which will serve as good additional food for fish. A snag or mainsail can be placed in the central area of the aquarium.

Carnegiella myersi

Water parameters: temperature 23-26° C, hardness dH 1-6°, pH 4.0-7.0. Water filtration and aeration is necessary, but it is necessary that they do not create a strong current of water, which the fish hatcheries do not like.

The diet of the fish in nature consists mainly of small insects, which they catch from the surface of the water. In an aquarium, the fish are fed with dry flakes and pellets, dried daphnia as well as frozen and live bloodworms. Be aware that the fish feed only from the surface of the water. They are given food at least twice a day.


Carnegiella myersi fish do not breed in aquariums. The fish are imported into the local trade zoos from their natural habitat.

Carnegiella myersi

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