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You notice that one of the fish has started to bend on its side or swim upside down. What is causing this behavior and what should you do in this case?

What causes this behavior

This behavior may be caused by many factors - the main ones are:

  • Many bottom swallowing fish swallow small pebbles, which subsequently get stuck in their throat or, worse still, in their stomach. This results in discomfort for the fish or, in some cases, an intestinal blockage. This situation may be caused not only by pebbles, but also by coarse food such as tablets, granulate or flakes. It may also be caused by swallowing large amounts of air from the water surface. In either case, the fish should be transferred to a fish trap and observed for a couple of days. The fish will not be fed. If the situation improves during this time, the fish can be moved back into the tank.

Why the fish swim sideways or upside down

  • If the fish has swallowed a pebble, you can try to remove it with tweezers, as long as it is not far away. Otherwise you are unlikely to be able to do anything about it and need specialized help.
  • An infected swim bladder may lead to this behavior, causing the fish to become uncoordinated. Dropsy may also lead to this behavior. Move the ill fish to a separate tank and examine them thoroughly in order to better diagnose the infectious disease. If it is still difficult to diagnose the disease, the only thing to do is to wait 3-4 days without feeding, and if no improvement, euthanasia is the best option.
  • Very often the fish take all sorts of unusual positions, due to the fact that it is the object of harassment of more aggressive fish. In this case, it is desirable to set her aside, otherwise she may simply peck more insolent roommates.

This behavior may be caused by hypoxia, a lack of oxygen in the water. As a result, the fish swim on their sides or even belly-up. If you do not aerate the water, get a compressor urgently.

If the fish drooping on its side, accompanied by exophthalmia, the appearance of redness on the body and a general decrease in activity, it may be due to glugose - a very dangerous disease, which can not be cured. The infected fish must be removed immediately. If the diagnosis is confirmed, euthanasia is the best solution.

Why the fish swim sideways or upside down

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