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Pseudotropheus polit

Pseudotropheus polit can only be found under natural conditions near the Lion's Bay in Lake Malawi in Africa. The fish live at depths of 1 to 25 metres, amongst rocks and boulders covered with algae. This is a very beautiful fish. However, it is very aggressive, which must be taken into account when planning its housing in a shared aquarium with other fish species.

Pseudotropheus 'polit' is a small fish, its length does not exceed 10 cm. The males are bright blue with a black mask on the head. The anal fin and rays on the tail plumage are black. The dorsal fin is black-free, which makes this fish easily distinguishable from other Mbuna cichlova. Females are grey, sometimes brownish. In case of danger, males are able to change their colour immediately to grey or brownish. Females are slightly smaller than males. The young fish are brownish.

Pseudotropheus 'polit'

Although Pseudotropheus 'polit' is a rather small cichlid, its aggression is simply incomparable to other cichlid species. No more than one male can be kept in one aquarium. Males are constantly in conflict with each other, grabbing each other by the fins and do not release them for a long time. Since males are constantly wanting to mate, they fanatically pursue females, almost no rest. Given the above, it is desirable to keep in an aquarium no more than 1 male and 3-4 females.

The fish can be kept in a species aquarium with a capacity of 300 liters and a length of at least 100 cm. Coarse-grained river sand should be used as substrate. Must be placed at the bottom of more flat stones, which could grow algae. Also, the perimeter of the aquarium should be placed large stones with chasms between them, where females could hide from the excessive attention of the male. In general, the more the aquarium will be different sized stones, the more peaceful the fish will be in it.

Water parameters: temperature 25-27° C, hardness dH 6-10°, pH 7,5-8,7. Requires filtration, aeration and a weekly change of 1/3 of the aquarium water with fresh.

Pseudotropheus 'polit'

Like most Mbuna fish, Pseudotropheus polit is an herbivorous fish. This means it feeds mainly on plant food. In the wild, the Pseudotrophaeus Polyteus swims along rocks and gnaws at the algae on them. However, in an aquarium, these fish eat almost all the food they are given. The fish are fed with spirulina, spinach, pumpkinseed salad, flakes and pellets. Artemia and chironomid are also given, but make sure that the fish do not get too fat on such food.


Pseudotropheus polit similar to other Mbuna cichlids. After the female marks the eggs and is fertilized by the male, she collects all the eggs into her mouth, where they incubate for three weeks. The fully formed fry leave the female's mouth. In total, the female incubates 15-20 fry in her mouth.

The fry are fed with grinded flakes containing spirulina. If the fry are planned to be kept together with adult fish at the bottom should be placed medium-sized, in the crevices between which the fry will be able to hide. But you can also move the fry in a small aquarium, where they will not be life-threatening, in which case it will be possible to save almost all of them.

Pseudotropheus 'polit'

The Pseudotropheus 'polit' has a life span of approx. 8-10 years in an aquarium.

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