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Phago loricatus

The Phago loricatus is native to Benin, Cameroon and Nigeria. This fish is found in the basins of the Niger Delta, Benue, Oueme, Ogun and Cresta. Although these fish are distributed over a relatively large area, they face great threats to their livelihoods. Their existence is threatened by deforestation, oil exploitation, agriculture and the gradual settlement of their habitat by humans. It is advisable to keep these fish for aquarists with experience in freshwater aquarium care.

The Phago loricatus has a long body. The size of the fish reaches 17 cm and, surprisingly, their weight of only 5 grams. this fish differs in the presence of 3-5 vertical black stripes on the dorsal fin, formed by small black spots, and 2-3 oblique black-brown stripes on the tail fin. The eyes are large, the head is pointed, and the mouth has two rows of teeth. Sexual differences are poorly expressed. Females are slightly larger, with a more rounded belly.

Phago loricatus - a very aggressive fish. If they are kept in a common aquarium with other species of fish, all will soon become their prey. Therefore, keep Fago spotted in a species aquarium is recommended in a small group of 6 specimens. The fish are very active and fast, and swim around the entire area of the aquarium.

To contain Phago loricatus aquarium requires an aquarium volume of 300 liters. It should be a lot of shelter in the form of snags, large rocks and floating plants, among which the fish will spend a portion of time.

Phago loricatus

Water parameters: temperature 20-29° C, hardness dH 1-12°, pH 5,5-7,5. Need aeration, and the warmer the water, the stronger it should be. It should be noted that Fago spotted not very pollute the aquarium, which allows for the use of less productive water filter. Requires a weekly replacement of 1/3 of the aquarium water with fresh. These fish are excellent jumpers. This ability they have by nature, they hunt for flying insects high jumping out of the water. An aquarium cover is therefore a must.

In nature, the spotted fago feeds on insects and small fish. In an aquarium, the fish are fed with crickets, small fish and shrimps. Fish eat only live food, otherwise they will die. The food is given 2 times a day.


On the successful breeding of Phago loricatus in an aquarium environment we have no information. All fish that occasionally appear in the domestic trade, imported from their natural habitat.

Life expectancy of Phago loricatus in aquarium conditions is about 6-8 years.

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