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Neritina coromandeliana

Neritina coromandeliana has many synonyms: Vittina coromandeliana (Sowerby, 1832), Nerita parallela (Roding, 1798), Neritina serrulata (Recluz, 1842), Neritina strigillata (Recluz, 1850), Neritina triangularis (Morch, 1852), Neritina pulcherrima (Mousson, 1857). In natural conditions, these snails live in water bodies of Indonesia, Malaysia, Polynesia, Sumatra and Thailand.

Neritina coromandeliana has a small shell about 2-2.5 cm in diameter, oval-conical in shape with convex whorls and rounded blunt apex. The shell surface is smooth-matte, while the mouth is large, semicircular, and oblique. Axial straight or zig-zag stripes of brown-black color on lighter background are characteristic. Snails are bipedal. There are female and male individuals, but there are no external distinguishing features.

Neritina coromandeliana

Neritina coromandeliana can be kept in both fresh and brackish water. water parameters: temperature 20 - 29° C, hardness dH 8-19°, acidity pH 6.0-8.0.

In nature, snails are constantly migrating at high and low tides. Snails are subjected to these natural migrations in an aquarium. They are constantly trying to get out of the aquarium, so it should be equipped with a tight-fitting lid. The main vital activity of snails shows with the onset of dusk.

Neritina coromandeliana

Neritina coromandeliana are diligent algae eaters, but do not eat filamentous algae without harming plants. Their favorite treat is green and brown algae that grow on plant leaves, aquarium walls and decorations. Snails also eat a variety of dry food intended for fish. If the aquarium will be lacking algae, it is necessary to feed the snails food containing spirulina. In addition, Neritina coromandeliana are good cleaners in the aquarium eating uneaten food and detritus by the fish.


Like most exotic snails of the Neritidae family, Neritina coromandeliana in nature for breeding moves to brackish waters near the seas, from which they essentially originated during their evolution. To recreate such conditions in an aquarium is quite problematic. All snails are supplied to the domestic market from their natural habitat.

Neritina coromandeliana

Life expectancy of Neritina coromandeliana in aquarium conditions is about 4 years.

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