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Chaetostoma formosae

The Chaetostoma formosae catfish naturally inhabits the headwaters of the Rio Meta and Rio Guaviare drainages in eastern Colombia. These rivers are major tributaries of the Orinoco River. The fish keep to the strong currents, with substrate consisting of large boulders and stones. Plants in these places grow only along the banks. The water in these areas is highly oxygenated, while the hydrochemical composition of the water changes significantly during the day due to daily rainfall. This fish is not for beginners due to its high requirements for food and water quality.

Chaetostoma formosae has a long, slightly flattened body with grey colour and dark stripes. The head is large. Its mouth has a suction cup shape, which allows it to attach firmly to various surfaces and nibble on algae. The fins are thickened and spiked. The entire body is covered with scaly plates with tiny spines. Males are larger than females, their maximum size in nature reaches 10.5 cm, while females are up to 7 cm.

Chaetostoma formosae.

Keep fish is recommended in a species aquarium of 100 liters, singly or in a small group consisting of 2-3 individuals. Use a mixture of sand, gravel and large stones as substrate. You can also place a large snag on the bottom, securely secured by stones on the bottom.

Water parameters: temperature 20 - 24° C, hardness dH 7-25°, pH 6,5-7,8. Need to ensure that the water was clean and oxygenated, which requires the use of a high-performance water filter (up to 10-15 volumes of water in the aquarium per hour) and a powerful aerator. A pump should also be installed to create a water current. The fish should never be released into an aquarium that has not yet established biological equilibrium. A weekly change of up to ½ of the aquarium water with fresh water is also required.

The light intensity should be high, as to encourage algae and associated micro organisms. Light duration should be approximately 12 hours per day.

Chaetostoma formosae

The staple diet of the Chaetostoma formosae catfish is algae. The fish also eat small crustaceans and insect larvae. To enhance their colour enhancement and immunity, they are fed with live and frozen Artemia, Daphnia and chironomid moths. Also give the fish dry sinking food containing spirulina, pre-crushed peas, cucumber pieces, courgettes, spinach.


At this time, we have no reliable information about the successful breeding of the Chaetostoma formosae catfish in captivity.

In the wild, the female lays eggs on the inner walls of the shelter. The eggs and fry are then cared for by the male.

Chaetostoma formosae

The longevity of the Chaetostoma formosae catfish in an aquarium environment is about 10 years.

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