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Aguarunichthys torosus

The aguaruna or Aguarunichthys torosus is naturally found in the upper Amazon basin, specifically in its tributary, the Marañón, a river that flows through Ecuador and Peru. The fish can be found both in swift currents and in quiet backwaters. This fish is named Aguaruna after the indigenous people of the Peruvian jungle who live along the Marañón River in northern Peru, near the border with Ecuador. The fish is not difficult to keep and is recommended for trained aquarists.

Aguarunichthys torosus has a long, fairly massive, grey body dotted with dark mottling. The head is small, flattened. Near the mouth are six sensitive antennae. Finned small. Sexual differences are not expressed. Fish reaches about 35 cm in size. Fish leads a crepuscular lifestyle.

Aguarunichthys torosus

The musky catfish is a predatory fish. In nature, it feeds on small fish that can fit in its small mouth. It is an aggressive and territorial fish, and is best kept singly in a species aquarium. When kept in a community aquarium in the neighbours to the Aguarunichthys torosus need to select large fish, capable of standing up for themselves.

Keep fish in a large aquarium of 500 liters. Coarse sand or gravel of any size can be used as substrate. Place large rocks and grottos at the bottom, where the fish can hide during the day. On the surface of the water, it is desirable to place a few bushes of floating plants. It should be noted that the smaller the aquarium, the more aggressive behavior of the Aguaruna.

Aguarunichthys torosus

Water parameters: temperature 22-27° C, hardness dH 5-15°, acidity pH 5,8-7,2. Need filtration, aeration and weekly replacement of 1/3 of the aquarium water with fresh. Water quality must be monitored continuously, as these fish are susceptible to skin diseases. Make sure the aquarium is covered.

In an aquarium, the muskrat catfish is fed dry pelleted food, earthworms, fish fillets. Young fish food is given once a day in the evening. Adult fish can be fed 3-4 times a week. It is a nimble and fearless fish, which is interesting to watch during feeding, otherwise it just rests among the stones.


The Aguarunichthys torosus does not breed under aquarium conditions. All fish that occasionally appear in the domestic trade network are imported from their natural habitat.

Aguarunichthys torosus

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