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Annamia Normani

Annamia normani, Parhomaloptera normani Hora, 1931 is a fish named Annamia - after Annam, the old name of the region that now includes central Vietnam and Normani - after the British ichthyologist John Roxborough Norman (1898-1944), who first described this fish.

Annamia Normani occurs naturally in numerous tributaries of the Mekong River flowing across Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, including the Hong Falls area. The fish stay in shallow water at depths of up to 1 metre, in swift currents, with substrate consisting of a mixture of stones, boulders and sand. Aquatic vegetation is sparse in these areas. The fish are peculiar and are recommended for trained aquarists.

Annamia normani has an elongated body. The fins are fan-shaped and broad. The body is coloured grey with irregularly shaped dark spots. The mature females are usually slightly fuller and larger than the males. The maximum size of the fish reaches 10 cm.

Annamia normani

Annamia normani fish are peaceful. In natural conditions, these fish live in large flocks, so when keeping them in the aquarium must be purchased at least 8-10 individuals. If kept singly or in smaller numbers, the fish will be constantly under stress and hide in hiding.

An aquarium with a capacity of at least 100 liters is suitable for keeping the fish. Use a substrate of a mixture of gravel and sand. Several large boulders and snags should be placed at the bottom. Fish are indifferent to living plants, so it is not necessary. Because these fish naturally inhabit fast rapids and ripples, it is important to recreate the same conditions in the aquarium. Like many fish species that live in running water, the Annamina normani is intolerant of organic waste accumulation and requires crystal clear water.

Water parameters: temperature 16-22° C, hardness dH 1-10°, acidity pH 6,0-7,5. Strong aeration, good quality biological filtration and a weekly change of about ½ of the aquarium water with fresh water. Make sure the water flow in the aquarium is sufficiently powerful, e.g. by means of a pump. Do not release fish into an aquarium in which biological equilibrium has not yet been established.

Annamia Normani

Light is bright, lasting 10-12 hours per day.

In nature, Annamia normani is considered a micropredator, feeding on insect larvae and fry. The fish also nibble on algae from rocks. In an aquarium, the fish are fed with live and frozen artemia, daphnia and bloodworms. In addition, the fish are given dry flakes containing spirulina. Feed small portions of fish twice a day.


In aquariums, Annamia normani does not breed. All fish that appear occasionally in the trade network, sourced from their natural habitat.

Pay attention to the appearance when buying fish from the pet shop, as the fish are often seen in emaciated condition, which can be difficult to correct.

Annamia normani

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