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Leporinus steyermarki

Leporinus venezuela, Leporinus steyermarki Found in natural waters in Venezuela, South America. The fish stays in very fast currents. The fish gets its name from naturalist Julian Steuermark, who first discovered it in 1953 during an expedition to Venezuela. A very rare fish among aquarists.

Leporinus steyermarki has a slightly golden coloration with numerous black transverse streaks scattered throughout the body. There are four relatively large black spots along the length of the body, from the head to the root of the tail plumage. The pectoral and anal fins are yellowish, while the other fins are colourless. Sex differences are not pronounced. The sex of the fish can only be accurately determined during the spawning period, when the abdomen of females is visibly rounded. In nature, these fish reach up to 30 cm in size, while in aquariums they usually do not exceed 20 cm.

Leporinus steyermarki.

Leporinus steyermarki live in large flocks in the wild, so at least about 10 animals should be kept in the aquarium. kept in smaller numbers, the fish become overly aggressive towards each other and other fish species in the same aquarium. The Leporinus can also be kept alone in a separate aquarium.

The Leporinus steyermarki requires a large aquarium with a volume of at least 500 liters. Only in this water volume can compromise peaceful coexistence of all aquarium inhabitants. Choose fish of similar size as Leporinus steinermarki neighbours. Do not keep them together with small fish, which will sooner or later become their prey. The most suitable cohabitation Leporinus with Coridoras and cichlids.

Medium sized gravel may be used as substrate. Large snags and boulders should be placed on the bottom. Due to the fact that Leporinus venezuela in nature eat mainly plant food, when growing plants in the aquarium should be selected stiff-leaved options. Any vegetation with soft leaves will certainly be eaten or significantly damaged.

Water parameters: temperature 24-28° C, hardness dH 2-12°, pH 6,3-7,0. Requires filtration, aeration and weekly replacement of 1/3 of the aquarium water with fresh. Create a little water flow in the aquarium, e.g. with an aquarium pump or by running the drain nozzle of the water filter along the back wall of the aquarium.

Leporinus steyermarki

Strong, diffuse lighting. Daylight duration: approximately 10 hours per day.

The diet of the fish consists mainly of plant food. The fish are fed with spirulina containing flake food. Bright lighting promotes the rapid development of algae, which Leporinus venezuela eats with great pleasure.


Leporinus steyermarki do not breed under aquarium conditions. All fish, which are very rarely commercially available, are supplied from their natural habitats.

The Leporinus steyermarki has a lifespan of about 7-10 years under aquarium conditions.

Leporinus steyermarki

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