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Centropyge tibicen

The Black Angelfish, Melas Angelfish, Tibicen Angelfish or Keyhole Angelfish is a small fish with a white vertical line resembling a keyhole. In the wild, the fish can be found from the northwest coast of Australia and Christmas Island eastward to Vanuatu and Tonga, in depths of 4 to 55 m.

The Tibicen Angelfish has a dark blue-black body colouration with a contrasting white stripe along the sides. The pectoral and anal fins are yellow. Tail fin with blue edging. Females are charcoal black and males are black with a blue tinge. Although this angelfish is not as brightly colored as many other pygmy angels, it is nevertheless quite attractive. The Keyhole Angelfish is the largest species of dwarf angelfish recorded to date. Under aquarium conditions, the fish does not exceed 12 cm in size, while in nature they reach 19 cm in length.

Centropyge tibicen

When young, the black angel has an all-black colouration with a white stripe that, as the fish matures, shrinks to a "keyhole" shaped spot. Melas angelfish are initially born female. Later on, the largest fish becomes a male, so it is easy to get a pair in the aquarium by initially buying one large and one small fish.

Centropyge tibicen are relatively aggressive fish. When young, they lead a secretive lifestyle, but as soon as they get stronger, they begin to prey on smaller fish. They will be aggressive towards other angel fish species as well as fish added to the aquarium after them. Black angelfish are damaging corals. They gnaw on LPS corals and eat sponges and starfish, which are part of their daily diet.

Centropyge tibicen require an aquarium of 300 liters and above, with plenty of live rock and algae. The fish can hide in case of fright or danger by piling up stones at the sides of the tank. I'd like to note that the black angel will be an excellent addition to any large marine aquarium because of his love of filamentous and diatom algae growing on the glass and scenery.

Water parameters: temperature 22-25° C, pH 8.0-8.4, salinity 1.020-1.024. Water filtration and aeration is required. Create a little water current in the aquarium, for example, by directing the outlet nozzle of the water filter along the back wall of the aquarium.

Centropyge tibicen

Centropyge tibicen are omnivorous. This means they need a balanced menu of protein, algae and sponges. Feed your fish frozen food from a wide range of food groups that contain both meat and algae (good examples are Formula One, Formula Two, Ocean Nutrition Pygmy Angel Formula), algae (nori sheets) and quality food in the form of pellets. In the first days after the acquisition of fish, they refuse to eat, but after acclimatization, all normalized. Feed the fish 2-3 times a day in small portions.


Under aquarium conditions, the black angel does not breed. All fish are imported into the domestic zoorynok from their natural habitat.

Life expectancy Centropyge tibicen in aquarium conditions is about 10-15 years.

Centropyge tibicen

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