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Sphaeramia orbicularis

The spotted spherami occurs naturally in tropical parts of the Indo-West Central Pacific Ocean. The fish inhabit coastal areas, quiet bays, congregating among the roots of mangroves, rocks, rocks and under piers. Usually found at depths of 1 to 15 m swimming singly or in small groups, where they feed on crustaceans in the evening hours. An excellent fish for the budding marine aquarist.

Sphaeramia orbicularis has a rounded body. The fins, including the tail plumage, are rounded. A dark brown band runs from the front of the dorsal fin to the anus. The rear of the body is dotted with dark rounded spots of varying size. The pectoral fins stand out with their yellow-brown pattern. Maximum size in nature up to 11 cm, in aquariums usually about 6 cm.

Sphaeramia orbicularis

The Sphaeramia orbicularis is generally an unattractive fish, but its outstanding disease resistance compensates for this shortcoming. This fish is one of the most hardy members of the apogon family.

Sphaeramia orbicularis leads a crepuscular life, although after a short period of acclimatization in the aquarium, some individuals may be active during the day and allow observation of their life activity aquarist.

The Sphaeramia orbicularis can be kept in pairs or in small groups. Keep in mind that the Sphere Spotted may prey on small crustaceans and small fish, but in general they get along well in a general aquarium with a comparable size of peaceful and moderately active marine fish. They are not harmful to corals. Suitable for keeping an aquarium of 150 liters.

Best kept in fish-only aquariums with reduced lighting. They can also be kept in reef aquariums with several rock caves and other shelters. When kept with moderately aggressive aquarium mates, they will hide during the day and may not receive their share of food when feeding. If kept in combination with peaceful aquarium mates, these slow-swimming fish will spend a large part of their time in the open spaces of the aquarium.

Sphaeramia orbicularis

Water parameters: temperature 23.5 - 28° C, acidity 8.0-8.5, salinity 1.020-1.026. Water filtration and aeration required.

Most Spherami are not picky eaters. Over time, fish can eat flake and pelleted food. You should aim to keep their menu as varied as possible. Fish are given shrimp and fish meat, plankton, etc. Feed the fish in the morning and evening.


Sphaeramia orbicularis reach sexual maturity at a size of 7 cm in males and 6 cm females.

Spawning can be achieved in aquarium conditions. Spawning usually takes place in the afternoon or evening after a few hours of male courtship. Immediately after spawning, the male fertilizes the eggs and collects them in his mouth, where the eggs incubate for eight days. During this time, the male does not feed at all. The eggs are very small, and during the entire spawning period the female sometimes hatch up to 12,000 eggs. The hatched larvae are released between the spines of a symbiotic sea urchin, where they are safe from predators.

Sphaeramia orbicularis

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