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Blackbelly triggerfish

The Blackbelly triggerfish, or as this sea fish is also called, the Black-bellied Spinoro picasso, or Black-bellied Spinoro, or Rhinecanthus verrucosus, lives naturally in the tropical waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans: from the Chagos Archipelago through Indonesia to the Solomon Islands, north to south Japan, south to Vanuatu. The fish can be found in calm lagoons, in shallow waters among reefs, and in places heavily overgrown with seaweed. They can also be kept by beginner aquarists.

Blackbelly triggerfish

The Blackbelly triggerfish has a flattened body protected by bony scales. The muzzle is elongated. The small mouth has sharp teeth capable of crushing shells. There is a peculiar hook on the back, which the fish can position vertically. It is formed by three spines, but the one thought to be the first, long and sharp, remains in place even after the fish dies, injuring the mouth and belly of greedy predators. As usual with spinorhogs, it is also used to securely hold the fish in a shelter where it can sleep peacefully, confident that it will not be carried away by the current. The fish has a maximum size of 23 cm.

The second dorsal fin has 23-26 soft rays and is symmetrical to the anal fin, which has 21-23. The pectoral fins have 14-15 rays. The most conspicuous feature of this fish - a dark spot occupying the lower part of the body from the beginning of the caudal fin to the black dashes, located at the root of the tail plumage, hence the name of the fish Spinorhog black-bellied. The area under the snout is transparent, while the upper part is darker.

A red-orange line runs down the body of the fish, starting at the base of the pectoral fins and ending above the mouth. A similar pattern of yellow stripes runs from the pectoral fins to the eyes and back. A translucent caudal fin with a yellow fringe.

The Blackbelly triggerfish is a territorial fish. A pair is formed only during the spawning period. Suitable for keeping fish species aquarium volume of 600 liters. At the bottom of the aquarium should be in bulk to place a large number of large stones, so that between them formed numerous caves, which could freely swim fish. The fish cause damage to corals. It is also excessively aggressive towards other fish, so you need to be very careful when matching them with neighbours.

Blackbelly triggerfish

Water parameters: temperature 24-28° C, pH 8.1-8.4, salinity 1.020-1.025. Requires filtration and poor water flow.

The menu of fish consists of echinoderms, crustaceans, molluscs, pipe snails, sponges, corals and algae. The fish also hunt small fish and eat fish eggs. Feed the fish 3 times a day in small portions.


The Blackbelly triggerfish do not breed in an aquarium.

In nature, the producers dig a hole in the ground, where the female lays eggs.

Blackbelly triggerfish

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