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Cherax pulcher C. Boesemani

Boesman's Herax crayfish is a unique hybrid bred in the United States, derived from two beautiful crayfish species native to West Papua New Guinea. This crayfish is a very rare hybrid on the aquarium market, and costs about $60.

Cherax pulcher C. boesemani has an attractive coloration. Its body is yellow-brown and its claws are dark blue in color. Depending on the environment, the crayfish may change its coloration. Immediately after transportation, the crayfish becomes faintly colored. Do not get upset about this, this is normal, it will not take two weeks, and they will get their original bright color. The size of an adult reaches 15 cm.

Boesman's crayfish are relatively active and spend a lot of time exploring the bottom of the aquarium in search of food. It is an omnivorous scavenger and eats almost any meat or plant food. Plant food is especially important for adults. This must be taken into account, as any live ornamental plants in the aquarium will certainly be eaten.

Upon reaching puberty, Boesman Herax crayfish become territorial and aggressive toward other neighbors in the aquarium, although its aggressiveness is much lower than in other varieties of crayfish. When keeping several individuals in one aquarium should be provided enough shelters in the form of large stones, snags and plastic tubes, among which each crayfish could find its own shelter. Because of the large amount of waste products the crayfish need at least 120 liters of water per individual. Several animals of the same size can be kept in an aquarium of about 250 liters.

Cherax pulcher C. Boesemani

These are rather hardy crayfish, but regular aquarium water changes should not be neglected, as this is vital for their health. Do not share these crayfish with other bottom invertebrates and fish. May be combined with fast-swimming fish such as Danio, Rasbora, guppies, occupying the upper layer of water, but you should keep in mind that if any of the fish come to a stop and swim close to the crayfish, it can catch and eat it. Not desirable to keep crayfish together with large cichlids, which often show aggression against crayfish.

Water parameters: temperature 20-26° C, hardness dH 6-15°, pH 7,0-8,0. Quality filtration and aeration of water is necessary.

The diet of crayfish consists of a variety of foods. In addition to plant foods, they are fed frozen green peas, carrots, shrimp, pre-cut into small pieces. It is possible to feed crayfish with pelleted and tablet food. Try to keep the menu as varied as possible so that your pets are healthy, active and show a bright coloration.


Under aquarium conditions, it is not possible to obtain offspring of Boesman's gerax crayfish. They are currently being bred in nurseries located in the United States.

The Cherax pulcher C. Boesemani

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