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Taxiphyllum Alternans

The Taxiphyllum Alternans is not as well known as other mosses. However, it is an excellent plant for experienced and novice aquarists alike. This type of gypnea moss bears a striking resemblance to the Javanese moss as well as the weeping moss. In fact, most aquarists describe it as a mini version of the weeping moss. Not only is the Taiwanese moss similar in appearance to these mosses, but their care is similar in many ways.

Taxiphyllum alternans is native to temperate and subtropical regions such as East Asia and the south-eastern USA. In its natural habitat, it grows on the ground, exposed tree roots, on rocks, in riparian areas of waterfalls and rivers.

Taxiphyllum Alternans

Taxiphyllum Alternans is a creeping species of moss. The plant literally crawls over the substrate. This makes it an ideal carpeting moss in the aquarium. In contrast to many other mosses, it can be grown in coldwater as well as tropical aquariums. The thick growth of the moss makes it an ideal shelter for fry and small shrimps.

The branches are triangular. Cultivated in aquariums, branch tips rounded upwards. Grows slowly.

Thai moss is not difficult to maintain, it can be attached to a variety of decorations in the aquarium, whether it be rocks or snags. You can place the plant in the middle as well as in the background.

Water parameters: temperature 18-27° C, hardness dH 2-14°, pH 5,0-8,0. Taiwan moss is one of the moss species that do not require additional CO2.

Taxiphyllum alternans

The Taxiphyllum Alternans is not demanding of light. It can grow in low or moderate light, but cannot reach its full potential in low-light conditions. Without bright light, the moss will change its colouration and begin to grow more slowly.


To propagate the Taiwan moss, simply divide it into sections and then attach them to a decorative feature using fishing line, string or aquatic plant glue. After a short adaptation period, it will gradually grow to carpet the surrounding area.

It tolerates trimming very well, so simply use a pair of aquarium shears to trim it back if its leaves have become too long, so that it looks neat and pretty.

Taxiphyllum Alternans

This plant can live in damp greenhouse conditions. In doing so, it will grow faster than when it is completely submerged.

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