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Corydoras adolfoi

Coridoras adolphus is an unusual and attractive species of the armoured catfish family that can be found in natural waters in Peru and Brazil. These fish are rarely found in hobby aquariums. The fish is named after the famous fish collector Adolfo Schwartz, who first discovered it.

In natural conditions, Corydoras adolfoi inhabit forest streams, where the water is usually colored dark brown, due to the high concentration of organic matter released in the process of decaying tree leaves at the bottom.

The body of Adolf's corydoras is light grey. The back is black. On the head, through the eyes, there is a wide vertical black stripe. At the base of the dorsal plumage is a red-orange spot. The fins are transparent. Females are larger than males and have a rounded abdomen. The maximum size of the fish is 5.5-6 cm.

Corydoras adolfoi

They are calm, peaceful and sociable fish. Keep Corydoras adolfo in a group of at least 4-6 fish. These fish are ideal residents for nano aquariums. It should be noted that Adolphus corydoras may prey on small shrimp, but do not harm the larger shrimp and most peaceful ornamental invertebrates. They are classic scavengers that live and feed at the bottom of the aquarium.

Keep the fish group in an aquarium with a capacity of 60 liters. Fine sand or at least fine sandy gravel should be used as substrate. Coarse substrate may cause injuries to the delicate tendrils and the lower belly of the fish while they are rooting around in the substrate. Other decor depends largely on personal choice, but some kind of shelter should be provided to make the fish feel safe. You can also place a large driftwood on the bottom and add small amounts of dried oak leaves. Such leaf litter, as it decomposes, will develop bacterial colonies, which are a valuable secondary food source for the fry.

Water parameters: temperature 20 - 26° C, hardness dH 1-15°, pH 4,0-7,0. Weak filtration using a sponge filter, aeration and a weekly change of ¼ of the aquarium water with fresh water. The fish can be adapted to most tropical freshwater environments, provided standard regular maintenance is carried out and drastic changes in water parameters are avoided.

Corydoras adolfoi

Corydoras adolfa is undemanding and eats most dry, frozen and live food (Tubifeed, chironomid, dry flakes and pelleted food, etc.). A varied diet ensures that the fish are in optimal condition. The fish are fed twice a day.


Corydoras adolfoi breed in the same way as their other counterparts.

To spawn in the aquarium should be producers in the ratio of 2 males to 1 female. When females noticeably rounded abdomen, make a big substitution of water (50-70%) cooler. At the same time, increase aeration of the water. Repeat this daily until the fish begin to spawn.

The female fish usually spawn on the walls of the aquarium or on small-leaved vegetation. Immediately after spawning, the spawners or eggs are transferred to another aquarium with similar water parameters. It is advisable to add a few drops of methylene blue or one or two cones of alder to prevent the development of fungi on the eggs.

Incubation usually lasts 3-4 days, and once the fry have fully absorbed their yolk sacs, they can accept small live food such as artemia nauplii, etc.

Corydoras adolfoi

Fry are quite difficult to raise and require excellent quality water. The fry will be less susceptible to disease if kept on a thin layer of sand rather than the open bottom.

The life expectancy of Corydoras adolfoi under aquarium conditions is about 8 years.

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