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Brotia Herculea

The White Hercules Snail is a stunning and relatively rare species of snail in aquariums. These snails are quite hardy and less sensitive to water conditions than other congeners. Even novice aquarists can keep these snails.

The White Hercules Snail has a cream-colored, elongated and spiral-shaped thick shell, which tapers toward the end at the end, making the appearance similar to a unicorn horn. It is often slightly darker toward the end of the spike, has thin lines and eight turns, with the last turn widening. Sex differences in snails cannot be determined, so those interested in breeding them should purchase several individuals - that way there will be a high probability of having both sexes in a group of snails.

Brotia Herculea

Brotia Herculea is a large snail. Its size reaches 10 cm in length. These snails are relatives of the red-fringed melania (Melanoides tuberculata). But Brotia herculea almost never burrows into the soil.

The white herculea snail is not aggressive and can be kept with most fish and invertebrates. However, these snails can cause damage to plants, and if you keep them on a starvation diet, you may find that they will start eating aquarium plants.

One of the advantages of Brotia Herculea is that they only reproduce two or three times a year, so you won't have to worry about overpopulation in the aquarium.

For the maintenance of snails will be suitable aquarium length of at least 80 cm, and its height is not important. As a substrate can be used coarse-grained river sand. At the bottom preferably placed large stones and snags.

Water parameters: temperature 20-28° C, hardness dH 5-20°, pH 6,5-8,5. Requires filtration and weekly replacement of 1/5 of the aquarium water with fresh.

Brotia Herculea

The Herculea white snail eats a lot. Its menu consists of sliced vegetables and specialized tablet food. Also, snails do not mind to eat aquarium plants, however, if they are constantly fed, they will not touch the plants.


The white Hercules snail is a viviparous snail. Snails reach their sexual maturity at the age of about 2 years. At that time, their length is about 6 cm. The female gives birth to 60-100 fully formed tiny snails. Snails breed only two or three times a year. For rearing young, the best approach is an old aquarium in which no preventive measures for a long time, otherwise you will be faced with great losses of juveniles.

Brotia Herculea

The life expectancy of the white Herculea snail in aquarium conditions is about 4 years.

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