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Many aquarists prefer to develop a fantasy or novel theme in their aquariums by using decorations such as sunken pirate ships and castles. Others like to use a more natural theme, using live plants, stones and snags for decoration. If you prefer a natural look in your aquarium, you may want to consider using stones - stones of different shapes, sizes and colours can be combined to give the interior design of your aquarium a unique but natural look.

Types of stones to use

The art of aquarium decoration is called aquascaping - in many ways it is similar to landscape design because you create a design using different decorative elements. Stones are a great decorative element because they are easy to get and give your aquarium a natural look. When it comes to choosing stones for your aquarium, you have many different options to choose from - lava, natural slate, quartz, river stones and small pebbles. If you live near a river, you can find all the stones you need to decorate your aquarium without spending a penny.

Stones in the aquarium

It should be noted that not all stones will look harmonious in an aquarium. Choose stones that are proportional to the size of your aquarium and that are of a different size. Look for stones of natural colour - black, grey and brown are best, because they will compensate for the greenery of the living plants. Always clean the stones thoroughly to remove dirt and debris before placing them in the aquarium. You can also carry out a simple safety test by pouring some vinegar on the stone - if the vinegar bubbles, the stone may contain some element which is not safe to use in the aquarium.

Setting stones for decoration

The key to using rocks for aquarium decoration is to be creative, don't be afraid to experiment. One option is to make a pile or mountain out of different types of stones. If you choose this, try to position the piles of stones at the back of the aquarium or in one corner so as not to take up too much space for the fish to swim freely in the centre of the aquarium. Another option is to use stones to build a cave where the fish can hide. You can also use individual stones as focal points in the aquarium - this works best with large stones or uniquely shaped stones. Combine stones with living plants, such as bottle ferns or anubias, for the most striking and natural look.

Other tips and considerations

As already mentioned, when decorating a home aquarium, you can do just about anything you want. Feel free to use a combination of stones, plants and snags in your aquarium to create your own underwater ecosystem. Just be careful not to overfill your aquarium with different decorations and don't use anything that can change the chemical composition of the water.

Stones in the aquarium

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