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The beauty of a natural habitat

Many aquarists are in favour of a "natural" appearance in home aquariums. It is generally believed that the more exactly you can imitate the natural habitat of the fish, the more comfortable they will feel and the less sick they will be. Although the water parameters and the diet of the fish play a large role in the imitation of a natural habitat, various decoration elements are also very important. For example, fish use the environment in the wild to build nests for spawning and to provide shelter from predators. So it makes sense to recreate the natural habitat of the fish in an aquarium to help them feel at home.

Tips for natural decoration

If you're planning to create natural decor in your aquarium, it's best to start with a substrate. Many aquarists believe that gravel substrate is suitable for any freshwater aquarium installation, but this is not entirely true. Corydoras, for example, should not be kept in aquariums with coarse substrate such as gravel because this can injure their sensitive tendrils. Some charredoras prefer sandy substrate, in which they are constantly rummaging, while some cichlids sift through the sandy substrate through their gills in search of food. To determine which type of substrate is best, research the natural habitat of the fish you plan to keep in the aquarium and use this information to make a decision.

How to recreate a natural habitat for fish in an aquarium

When investigating the natural habitat of the fish, be sure to pay attention to the water conditions that each species prefers. Some fish live in marshy areas and therefore prefer a densely stocked aquarium. Others, on the contrary, live in places with minimum vegetation, but there are many large boulders and snags on the bottom, which serve as shelters for them. Understanding the natural habitat of the fish helps you to recreate this environment in your home aquarium, and in the long run this will make your underwater pets feel more comfortable.

Using a natural decoration scheme

Once you have purchased all the elements for natural decoration, you need to determine the ideal way to arrange them. The key to making your aquarium look natural is not to organise it too much. Let your substrate fall naturally, creating dips and slopes in the aquarium rather than presenting a completely flat area. When adding live plants to the aquarium, try to use several different species and alternate them, rather than planting all plants of the same species in the aquarium. Plant taller plants at the back and lighter ones at the front.

How to recreate a natural habitat for fish in an aquarium

Try to make sure that all decorative elements are proportional to the size of your aquarium - if using stones or driftwood, choose one main object to be the centrepiece of the aquarium, and use the rest, several smaller objects, as accents.

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