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Proper maintenance of the aquarium filter is one of the basic methods to keep the aquarium clean. The aquarium filter not only removes solid waste particles from the water, but also filters out dissolved waste and toxins. This reduces the performance of the filter from time to time and this can have an effect on the wellbeing of the aquarium inhabitants and plants.

How often should the filter be cleaned?

A variety of aquarium filters

The frequency with which you should clean your filter may vary according to the filter type. Hanging filters, for example, should be cleaned every few weeks, whereas a canister filter may not need to be cleaned more than 3 times per year. However, sponge filters and gravel bottom filters need to be cleaned more frequently, about every 2 weeks, to prevent them from clogging and reducing performance. To ensure that the filter is cleaned in a timely and proper manner, some kind of schedule should be established and the cleaning dates of the filter should be kept track of. For example, you can schedule the maintenance so that it coincides with a water change every fortnight to make it easier for you to remember to do it.

Canister filter impeller cleaning

The correct cleaning technique for the filter

The correct cleaning technique varies from one filter type to the next. Below you will find an overview on how to clean the most popular aquarium filter types:

Canister filter - Before you turn off the filter, turn off the built-in heater (if you have one) so that it cools down before the water stops flowing. Then fill the bucket with water from the aquarium you will be using, so that the filter media remains moist while you clean the filter itself. Carefully remove the impeller from the filter and wipe it down to remove any accumulated algae. Use a small brush to clean the hoses as well as the corners in the filter itself. When you have finished cleaning, make sure that the O-ring is still in good condition before you refill and reinstall the filter.

Attachable filter - if the attachable filter has a biological filter component, be sure to dampen it with water from the aquarium during the cleaning process. Otherwise, all you have to do is disassemble the filter and clean the hoses and filter housing with a soft brush.

Sponge filter - The sponge filter is an important source of biological filtration for the aquarium, so it must not be boiled or use tap water to wash it, as this would destroy the beneficial microflora. To clean the sponge, simply fill a bucket with water from the aquarium and squeeze it several times to remove accumulated debris. Never allow the sponge to dry out during cleaning.

Rinsing the sponge filter

Bottom filter - The key to keeping the bottom filter working properly is to clean the gravel in the aquarium weekly with an aquarium siphon. As long as you do not allow debris to accumulate in the aquarium substrate, the bottom gravel filter will function properly. As far as maintenance is concerned, all you need to do is clean the hose and impeller (if your filter has one) once every few weeks.

Cleaning gravel in the aquarium with an aquarium siphon

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