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If you visit one of the local pet shops, you will probably notice that the aquariums with the fish on sale have few decorations and there is an explanation for that, because in the retail chain it is primarily important to have enough space to accommodate the fish themselves. If you visit the aquarium in the local zoo, however, you will see a completely different picture. In the aquariums at the zoo, an elaborate and beautiful habitat is set up for the fish, full of authentic details that mimic their natural habitat. Ask yourself which option is more visually appealing - a few aquariums from pet shops or a thriving aquatic environment?

Custom-designed aquariums use premium silicate glass, so you can observe life in your aquarium virtually undistorted.

The placement of decorations in the aquarium

Chances are you prefer the look of a real aquatic environment to a bare-bones aquarium design in a pet shop. If you want to create a beautiful, natural-looking aquarium for your fish, you need to find a balance between making the aquarium too small and over-decorating. To keep the aquarium from looking empty or unfinished, you can do a few simple things:

  • Choose decorations that are proportional to the size of the aquarium - if the aquarium is large but you use small decorations, it will look mediocre.
  • Don't clutter the aquarium with too many decorations - choose one large focal piece and a few smaller pieces placed around the perimeter of the aquarium.
  • Use decorations of different sizes - if all the decorations are the same size, your eye will not be attracted to a particular area of the aquarium.
  • Place live or artificial plants along the back wall of the aquarium to form a natural backdrop use tall plants in the background and lower plants in front to create a layered effect.
  • Don't be afraid to use vertical space in the aquarium - instead of placing flat pieces of snags in the aquarium, prop them up against the aquarium walls or build a pile of rocks to attract attention.
  • Do not put too many decorations in the centre of the aquarium - you want the fish to have plenty of open space to swim freely.

Placement of decoration in the aquarium

If you follow these simple tips, you can find a balance between over- and under-decorating your aquarium. Make sure the aquarium really looks its best if you maintain a biological balance so the water in it is crystal clear and all aquarium inhabitants are healthy, showing off their beautiful colours and interesting habits.

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