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Metriaclima lombardoi

Metriaclima lombardoi or Kenyi Cichlid is a cichlid that naturally inhabits the rocky shoals around the island of Mbengi and Nhomo Reef in Lake Malawi in Africa. These fish are very popular with aquarists because of their stunning colouration.

Metriaclima lombardoi fish are bright. The males are bright yellow with faint vertical stripes, while the females are metallic blue with similar black vertical stripes. The maximum size of the fish is 15 cm. The fish spend most of their time in the lower and middle layers of the water.

Metriaclima lombardoi

The Metriaclima lombardoi is a very aggressive and territorial fish. She will always take the opportunity to demonstrate her vicious nature to any other fish in the aquarium. Therefore, keep Kenyi Cichlid in a common aquarium is best with other cichlid species similar in temperament and size. The species aquarium can contain a single male Kenyi Cichlid with 3-6 females. For such a number of fish is suitable aquarium volume of 200 liters. When keeping these fish in a common tank with other fish species aquarium will require a minimum volume of 350 liters. This is necessary in order to give the fish more living space and reduce the level of aggression Metriaklima Lombardo.

Create a pile of rocks with splits in the bottom of the aquarium, as well as grottoes.

Water parameters: temperature 24-26° C, hardness dH about 8°, pH 7,5-8,6. Requires filtration, aeration and a weekly change of ¼ of the aquarium water with fresh.

Metriaclima lombardoi

Metriaclima lombardoi is an herbivorous fish whose main food source in the wild is algae. In the home aquarium, the best food for this cichlid is plant foods with some protein added. Commercial vegetable-based flake feeds mixed with algae wafers and a protein source will make the coloration of the fish more vivid.


The Lombardo metriaclima is a sexually dimorphic Mbuna species. When young, both males and females have a metallic blue colouration with black vertical stripes. As they mature, the males change colour from blue to bright yellow.

Kenyi cichlids are considered an easy fish to breed in a home aquarium. Ideally, you should have three to six females and one male in the tank for an optimal breeding group of fish. After spawning and fertilization of the eggs by the male, the female collects all the eggs to her mouth where they incubate for about 3 weeks. To protect the female and fry from any signs of aggression by other fish, it is advisable to temporarily move them into a separate aquarium.

The fry are fed with Cyclops and Artemia in small portions at least 4 times per day.

Metriaclima lombardoi

The Metriaclima lombardoi has a life span of 7-8 years under aquarium conditions.

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