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Crenicichla regani

The Crenicichla regani, also called in specialty stores "cichlid dwarf pike regani", is a freshwater fish from South America, which is widely distributed in the Amazon basin. Because of their wide distribution, their habitats are sometimes quite different: you can find the fish in areas with strong currents, as well as in calm, almost standing water. The fish also live in areas where winter water temperatures can drop to just below 20° C. Keeping these fish in an aquarium is not difficult.

Crenicichla regani has an elongated body, head flattened at the sides. Depending on the habitat of these fish coloration may vary significantly. Males are mostly grayish in color. Depending on the emotional state on the body may appear dark side stripe. Parts of the gill lids can be bright yellow. The back is reddish. The edge of the upper lobe of the dorsal fin with a dark rim. The iris of the eyes below and behind is red. Females are more colorful. Their abdomen is reddish, one or more eye spots on the back, black inside and whitish or reddish outside. The maximum size of males reaches 13 cm and females 7-8 cm. Fish spend most of their time in the lower and middle layers of water.

Crenicichla regani

Water parameters: temperature 25-27° C, hardness dH 1-12°, acidity pH 5,5-6,5. Need aeration and filtration (peat filter recommended), as well as replacement of 1/3 of the aquarium water with fresh every two weeks. Like all dwarf cichlids Krenitsihly Regani susceptible to drugs and elevated levels of nitrite and nitrate in the water.

To Content Krenitsihly Regani aquarium of 200 liters and a length of about 120 cm as a substrate used a mixture of sand with fine gravel filled with a layer of a few centimeters. At the bottom must be placed a few boulders and large snags, to reproduce the natural habitat as much as possible.

Crenicichla regani

Crenicichla regani is a territorial fish. It is very aggressive in defending its territory. Therefore, when keeping several individuals in the aquarium, you need to delimit the territory boulders and other decorations. Do not keep Crenicichla regani in a shared aquarium with other fish.

The fish menu consists of moths, cyclops, artemia, small fish, fish meat and crabs. Food is given 1-2 times a day.


To achieve breeding Krenitsihla Regani in aquarium conditions is very difficult.

In the spawning tank should be placed coconut shells or flower pots. The male and female work together to pick up the spawning grounds and diligently clean them. The female lays eggs on the ceiling of the cave as well as on the underside of leaves. The female takes care of the clutch and the male protects the area.

Water in the aquarium for rearing fry should be soft and acidic (pH 5,0-6,0, dH below 5°, temperature 26-27° C). If these requirements are not met, the larvae will not be able to develop normally and are eaten by the female. To be successful in breeding, the water parameters in the aquarium must exactly match the natural habitat of fish.

Crenicichla regani

The lifespan of Crenicichla regani in aquarium conditions is currently not known.

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