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Aborichthys garoensis

Aborichthys garoensis, synonyms Noemacheilus garoensis, Aborichthys goaensis Hora naturally inhabits water bodies of Myanmar and India. The fish can be found in the banks of fast-flowing mountain rivers with stony substrate.

Aborichthys garoensis has a long body and variable coloration, depending on substrate, emotional state and food. A characteristic feature of the coloration are irregularly distributed transverse stripes throughout the body of the fish. Sexual dimorphism is not expressed. Adult females are slightly larger than males and have a more rounded abdomen. The maximum size of the fish is 9 cm.

An aquarium for these fish should be long and not deep, the volume of 80 liters. Use sand as a substrate. At the bottom are placed snags and large boulders. Plants are not needed, because in the habitats of these fish do not. Keep fish need a small group of 5-6 individuals. Perhaps the content in the general aquarium with other non-aggressive fish with similar conditions in nature, but still the best option would be a species aquarium.

Among males sometimes happens battle for the selected territory as a result of which the fish are tangible injuries, but after the battle, they just swim next to each other and can even live in the same shelter.

Aborichthys garoensis

Water parameters: temperature 24-26° C, hardness dH2-12°, acidity pH 6,0-7,5. Requires quality filtration, as these fish are very sensitive to pollution. Also requires a good oxygenation of the water and a sufficiently large movement of water, which can be achieved by using additional circulation pumps. A weekly change of 1/3 of the aquarium water with fresh water is also required.

The fish menu consists of small invertebrates. Fish are given live and frozen Artemia nauplii, Daphnia and chaff. Fish do not know measure in food, so handed out food needs to be strictly dosed.


On the successful breeding of Aborichthys garaoensis in aquarium conditions there is no information.

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