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A modern aquarium decorates the interior of the home space. Non-standard shapes and sizes, the inner world of the aquarium of exotic plants, bright fish or animals can greatly impress visitors to cultural, business, office space. Comfortable conditions for the life of hydrobionts provide special technology. Such systems are in demand, they add sophistication to the interior. They are made to order according to individual designs.

Types of aquariums

The filling of the aquarium can be freshwater or marine. Animals such as Asian snakeheads and arowanas can live in a freshwater aquarium. Bright fish native to African lakes, or predatory piranha swimming in the background imitation of a coral reef or underwater green vegetation. Make the freshwater world of the aquarium can be arranged in different ways, depending on the preferences of the owner.

When sea-filling the choice of animals is more diverse: sharks, moray eels, bloat fish hedgehogs, others. If the inhabitants of the system are fish, corals of different sizes, colors, shapes will create a wonderful reef for them. Make a freshwater or marine aquarium to order can specialized companies. The embodiment of customer expectations their main task. To do this, the staff are designers, technical executives, specialists in filling aquariums with flora and fauna, maintenance of systems.

Aquarium maintenance services

While a standard small aquarium can be handled independently, the maintenance of non-standard aquatic systems requires considerable effort and appropriate knowledge of the care of each biotope. Actions required to keep the ecosystem neat and stable include replacing consumables in a timely manner, monitoring equipment performance, water testing, and making necessary additives in a timely manner.

Custom marine aquarium

Professional maintenance of the aquarium by an employee of a specialized company, takes place on the basis of the company's instructions regularly, at an agreed time. Fixation of all actions is made in a special journal. In addition, a non-standard aquarium requires service maintenance: replacement of gaskets, rubber bands, other. Be sure to monitor the dates of replacement of filters, light bulbs.

The owner of the system does not need to worry about the purchase of the necessary equipment, care products and consumables. This is the care of the service company and another advantage of this kind of cooperation.

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