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Xiphophorus alvarezi

The Xiphophorus alvarezi is probably one of the most beautiful wild fish of its family. In nature, these fish can be found in Central America, in the waters of the Mexican state of Chiapas (Estado Libre y Soberano de Chiapas). Fish not demanding and contain it under the force of novice aquarists.

Xiphophorus alvarezi has a stunning coloration. Its entire body is painted with red stripes. In the reflected light body of fish shimmering bluish color, making its coloring is more colorful. Males, as they mature, become almost red. Males reach a length of 15 cm. Female unassuming, some individuals may be orange markings on the sides. They are smaller than males, their size does not exceed 9 cm.

Xiphophorus alvarezi

To keep the fish suitably aquarium volume of 80 liters. As a substrate, you can use sand or gravel of medium size. The perimeter of the aquarium is desirable, although not obligatory, to plant high aquarium plants.

Like most Xiphophorus alvarezi swordtails fish are active. Males are constantly chasing each other for dominance, especially in the process of feeding. These fish are out in the open all the time, attracted to each other by their endless hustle and bustle. When kept in an aquarium, the number of females should be about twice the number of males.

Water parameters: temperature 25-28° C, pH pH 7,2-8,1. Requires filtration, aeration and weekly replacement of 1/3 of the aquarium water with fresh. The aquarium should create a small current of water, for example, by directing the withdrawal nozzle water filter along the back wall of the aquarium. The aquarium must always be covered with a coverslip or lid to prevent the fish from jumping out.

Xiphophorus alvarezi

The menu of fish in an aquarium consists of Artemia nauplii, daphnia, chaff, finely chopped earthworms, flake food. Feed the fish twice a day.


Xiphophorus alvarezi is a viviparous fish. A sign that the female is ready to spawn is a dark pregnant spot. The female gives birth to her cubs in the thick of the plant.

A mature female hatches 10 to 50 fry, which are completely independent from the first days of their lives. To maintain the population of fry, immediately after spawning producers should be moved to another aquarium. The fry are reared separately from their parents until they are large enough to not be eaten.

Xiphophorus alvarezi

The fry are fed Artemia nauplii. With proper care, the fry grow quickly.

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