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Staurogyne sp. Bihar

Under natural conditions, Staurogyne sp. Bihar grows in the Amazon River, Brazil, Asia. It is an undemanding plant and can be kept by novice aquarists.

Staurogyne sp. Bihar is an exceptionally decorative plant of the middle and background of the paludarium, vivarium, aquaterrarium and terrarium. And it can also be successfully kept in the aquarium, because the plant is very well tolerant of complete immersion, transforming into an aquatic form.

In an aquatic environment, Staurogyne Bihar looks very attractive, because the shape of the leaves in this environment changes dramatically, becoming jagged and pointed at the tips. In addition, the plant is colored to orange-burgundy. In aquatic form, it resembles Hygrophila pinnatifida.

Staurogyne sp.Bihar

Staurogyne sp. "Bihar" in an aquarium due to its very attractive green coloration and interesting leaf shape will be a valuable accent of any composition. Especially against the background of plants in warm tones.

To grow Staurogyne sp.Bihar in a paludarium, as an emergent form, the plant should have a root system, which should be placed in a moist substrate. At the same time its leaves should be above the surface of the water.

The plant well tolerates high humidity, as well as complete immersion in water for a long time. Therefore, it can be used to create a composition both as a plant in aquatic and underwater form.

A visually appealing effect can be obtained by planting Staurogyne Bihar in a substrate at the bottom of the aquarium, allowing the plant to grow out of the water. Then the Staurogyne will appear in all its glory. The growth rate should be characterized as medium.

Staurogyne sp. 'Bihar' can also be part of very popular recent decorations such as 'forest in a jar' or 'garden in glass'.

In an aquarium, Staurogyne sp. "Bihar" colors its leaves most strongly in bright light and regular fertilization. In this case, its leaves will be warm green.

Staurogyne sp. "Bihar"

Water parameters: temperature 22 - 28° C, pH 5,0-8,0. Feeding CO2 at a concentration of 6-14 mg/l is desirable.

To make the plant look attractive, it is worth providing effective fertilization with macronutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) and micronutrients (mainly iron). Constant root access to nutrients provide fertilizers in the form of tablets and substrate capsules, which should be placed in the substrate near the bushes.

Plants should be planted at a distance of 3-5 cm from each other, so that the bushes do not shade themselves and there was access to light to the lower leaves. It is most convenient to plant the seedlings in the ground with the help of appropriately sized tweezers. The height of the bush is 10-40 cm.

Staurogyne sp. Bihar

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