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Cryptocoryne Lutea Hobbit

Cryptocorina yellow Hobbit is a very decorative aquarium plant of the aquarium foreground. Under natural conditions, the plant grows in bodies of water in Sri Lanka. This variety of Cryptocoryne is one of the easiest to maintain and propagate and can be recommended to beginner aquarists.

Cryptocoryne Lutea Hobbit is only a few centimeters tall, making it ideal for creating an interesting composition even in a nano aquarium. The plant is a dwarf variety of the standard Cryptocoryne lutea species. The bush reaches a height of 5 cm.

Cryptocoryne Lutea Hobbit

This miniature Cryptocoryne creates a colorful foreground accent or focal point in bonsai and nano aquascapes, as well as creating a visual effect in large aquariums. It can be planted in substrate or attached to decorative rocks or snags. The gorgeous deep purple-brown foliage will contrast beautifully with the green foliage of other common foreground plants.

Although C. lutea 'hobbit' grows slowly compared to its larger relatives, it is relatively undemanding, although moderate to strong light and CO2 supplements will make its foliage bright and the bush more presentable. Like other species Cryptocoryne, Cryptocoryne yellow Hobbit should not be subjected to sudden changes in aquarium conditions and needs a stable environment for its development.

Water parameters: temperature 20-28° C, hardness dH 2-15°, acidity pH 5,0-8,0. Feeding with CO2 at a concentration of 10-20 mg / L is desirable. In this case you can significantly accelerate the growth rate of seedlings.

Light of medium or high intensity. If the light is good, the leaves turn a deep purplish-brown. Strong light causes the leaves of the plant to rise upwards. It should be noted that the plant is capable of growing in shaded areas.

Cryptocoryne Lutea Hobbit

Cryptocorynes absorb nutrients mainly through the root system, so they prefer a fertile substrate. To ensure that the seedlings have constant access to nutrients, the substrate should be enriched with fertilizers in the form of tablets and capsules for the substrate containing macro and micronutrients (potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, iron).


Cryptocoryne Lutea Hobbit is characterized by a slow growth rate. The plant is propagated by forming underground rhizomes, from which new bushes grow.

Cryptocoryne Lutea Hobbit is best planted in the ground with tweezers. Seedlings are better placed in a group, next to each other. Then the plant looks the most lush.

Cryptocoryne Lutea Hobbit

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