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Bucephalandra biblis is an extremely decorative aquarium plant for the first, second (middle) plane of an aquarium. In nature, this plant grows in the waters of Borneo, where it can be found on rocks and snags in the coastal zone with a strong current.

Bucephalandra Biblis - will be a real find for beginner aquarists who want to create an interesting composition based on visually attractive plants, with low requirements. Due to its unpretentiousness and attractive appearance, the plant is often used to decorate planted aquariums and in shrimp aquariums. Bucephalandra Biblis, because of its size, is ideal for nano aquariums and large plant aquariums where the emphasis is on spectacular aquarium plants.

Bucephalandra Biblis

This plant, when properly fertilized, blooms regularly underwater, extremely enriching the underwater composition. The flowers are attractively shaped tiny white calyxes. On the last day of flowering, the calyx opens. The whole process of shoot development and flowering itself looks extremely spectacular.

Bucephalandra biblis has a stiff rhizome from which grows strong thick leaves. In intense light, they sparkle with small bright "crystals". The coloring of the bush depends largely on the conditions in which it is kept. Depending on the intensity of feeding the water column, the leaves change color from dark green to brown. You can also use the plant to create an interesting composition in the paludarium, vivarium and terrarium. The growth rate is defined as: slow to moderate.

Bucephalandra Biblis

Bucephalandra Biblis is undemanding to fertilizer and light. The type of substrate does not matter. Although it doesn't need a CO2 feed for proper growth, it is advisable to give it a little more in order to speed up its growth. Keep in mind that this type of Bucephalandra takes nutrients directly from the water column, so that it looks attractive and regularly blooms, you should regularly fertilize it with liquid macro and micro fertilizers (potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, iron). Complex fertilizers (all nutrients in one bottle) - a good solution for aquarium beginners and for those who appreciate the convenience of use. Correct fertilization is especially important when flower buds are being formed.


Bucephalandra biblis looks best when attached to a root, stone or decorative elements in the aquarium. A fishing line or string is used to fix the plant. Bucephalandra can not be planted directly in the substrate, you must ensure that its roots are in constant contact with water.

Bucephalandra Biblis

Propagation is by dividing the rhizome.

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