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Bucephalandra theia grows in natural conditions in the waters of Borneo. It can be found along the banks of fast-flowing rivers growing on snags, rocks and rocks. In general, the plant is not demanding and can be recommended to beginners aquarists.

Bucephalandra theia has broad, slightly corrugated at the edges, thick leaves. The rhizome is stiff. Depending on keeping conditions, the leaves vary in color from light green to dark green. The plant blooms regularly under water, the flowers have an attractive shape of tiny white calyxes. On the last day of flowering, the calyx opens. The whole process of preparing the shoot and the flowering itself looks very spectacular. The height of the bush reaches 8-12 cm. The speed of growth is slow to medium.

Like other plants, such as anubias and cryptocorina, Bucephalandra theia can be attached to rocks and snags with fishing line or string. The rhizomes of Bucephalandra Theia can be attached to rocks, snags, or hard substrates. Secure with sturdy thread until it is rooted. The plant can also be planted in soil substrate with the rhizome exposed (do not bury the rhizome or it will rot).

Bucephalandra Theia

This is an exceptionally decorative aquarium plant of the front or middle plan of the aquarium. It is often used to create compositions in planted aquariums with shrimp. It is also ideal for nano aquariums. When planning an aquascape, plant seedlings are best planted in the foreground of the aquarium, with larger specimens closer to the middle. Bucephalandra Thea perfectly complements mosses and ferns with its contrasting leaves. The plant can also be grown in an airy environment, maintaining very humid conditions.

Water parameters: temperature 22-26° C, hardness dH 2-8°, acidity pH 5,0-7,5. The best growth rates and coloring of bushes are achieved in medium light and strong water currents. They are stable and fairly easy to grow in stable aquarium conditions, especially in the presence of CO2 (20-30 mg/l) and nutrients. Sudden changes in aquarium conditions or unstable parameters can cause leaves to fall off or die off, but new leaves may grow over time with a healthy rhizome.

Bucephalandra Theia

Bucephalandra Theia grows slowly, and to avoid algae growth on its leaves, it is best to plant the plant in a more shaded area of the aquarium with good water circulation. Adding phosphate helps in the fight against algae.


Bucephalandra Thea can be propagated by cutting off the lateral shoots of the rhizome and then securing them to hard soil, snags or rocks with a superglue such as Microbe-Lift Plantscaper or thread until new roots and leaves form.

Bucephalandra Theia

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