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Centropyge ferrugata

Centropyge ferrugata naturally inhabits coastal reefs along Christmas Island and the Marshall Islands. The fish swim at depths of up to 30 m among the dense vegetation. These fish can be recommended for aquarists with some experience in marine aquarium care.

Centropyge ferrugata is a bright fish that will look great in a saltwater aquarium. Its body is a vibrant red-orange color with vertical black stripes highlighting the body and horizontal black stripes along the caudal portion of the dorsal and anal fins with blue edging. These fish are hermaphroditic, very difficult to breed in the aquarium, and they have no noticeable differences in coloration between males and females. The maximum size is about 12 cm.

Centropyge ferrugata

Centropyge ferrugata has a moderately aggressive nature. It is an active fish that requires plenty of room to swim and plenty of hiding places. The larger the aquarium, the better, as then the likelihood of the fish constantly pecking at a particular sessile invertebrate and causing it irreparable damage is much less. In addition, the fish should not be hungry so that they are not tempted to attack the aquarium inhabitants next to them.

Keep Centropyge ferrugata should be kept alone in an aquarium of 200 liters. A small group can contain fish only at a young age. When first settling in the aquarium fish can be timid and will constantly hide in the shelter, but once she gets the hang of it, will be the most important thing in the aquarium, which will reckon with all the other inhabitants. When keeping Centropigatus ferrugatus in the general aquarium with other fish species, you should inhabit it in the aquarium last, so be able to calm his territorial fervor.

Centropyge ferrugata

Water parameters: temperature 25-28° C, pH 8,1-8,4, salinity 1.023 - 1.025. Requires filtration and aeration of water. It is desirable to create in an aquarium quite a powerful current of water using an aquarium pump.

Feed fish spirulina and seaweed, as well as Artemia nauplii, shrimp meat, specialized feed for angel fish based on sponges and finely chopped krill, squid, clam and mussels. The food should be given in small portions three times a day.


Centropyge ferrugata do not breed under aquarium conditions. All fish in the domestic trade are imported from their natural habitat.

Centropyge ferrugata

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