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Apolemichthys kingi

The juvenile tiger angelfish or Tiger angelfish naturally inhabits the Western Indian Ocean: South Africa, between the Gulf of Kosi and the shoals of Aliwal, Mozambique. The fish are found along coastal rocky reefs at depths of 10 to 45 m. Keep the fish is recommended aquarists with experience in caring for saltwater aquariums.

Apolemichthys kingi has a partially white body with yellow upper half, containing numerous vertical black irregular lines. Juveniles have a large black spot in the upper rear of the body, with a yellow border. Adults have a small dark spot behind the eyes at the border of the gill plate. The tail plumage is black with a thin white border. The size of fish in nature reaches 25 cm.

Apolemichthys kingi

Keep in mind that all angel fish have spines on the edge of their gill covers so use caution when handling the fish, and avoid using nets to catch them, as the fish can get stuck or entangled in the net and injure themselves when removed.

The tiger juvenile angelfish is a rather interesting fish that is rarely found in aquarists' collections. This is due to the fact that the fish inhabit a small geographic area and in addition it is a protected area, making it extremely difficult to catch these fish. There is little information about keeping Tiger Juvenile Angelfish in aquarium conditions. It can be assumed that the care of these fish should be the same as the other members of this family. The aquarium volume of 600 liters should be a large number of living stones and rocks with caves in which fish could freely swim. To quickly acclimatize the fish, it is advisable to feed them several times a day in small portions.

When keeping angelfish juvenile tiger in a common aquarium with other fish, they at first they will be quite shy and can hide in hiding. But over time, the fish will become familiar with the territory and become more sociable. Juvenile Tiger Angelfish are good neighbors when kept in a common aquarium with other fish, and also considered one of the least aggressive in the family. These fish are not suitable for keeping in reef aquariums.

Apolemichthys kingi

Water parameters: temperature 22-28°C, pH 8,0-8,5, salinity 1,020-1,027. Water filtration and aeration are required.

Fish menu in nature consists mainly of sponges, shellfish and crustaceans. In aquariums, fish are given frozen Artemia nauplii, mises, and a variety of specialized foods designed for angel fish. It is also advisable to add spirulina to the general diet, which is a useful supplement for herbivorous fish. Feed 1-2 times a day.


The Juvenile Tiger Angel does not breed under aquarium conditions.

Officially, these fish are not supplied to domestic retail chains, as they are protected in their natural habitat.

Apolemichthys kingi

The life expectancy of Juvenile Tiger Angels in aquarium conditions is about 10-15 years.

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