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All-in-one aquarium kits make it easy to get started with aquariums without having to buy everything you need separately. It's usually economical, easy and saves time when choosing the right equipment... How do you know what's right for you? To help you make your decision, today we are testing the Hygger Horizon 30L LED glass aquarium.

The Hygger Horizon comes with a very stylish aquarium, all the necessary hardware, and is very easy to set up.

Hygger Horizon 8 gallon (30 L) kit specifications:

  • Weight: 9 kg.
  • Dimensions: 19 x 11.8 x 9.6 inches.
  • Capacity: 30 liters.
  • Lighting: LED.
  • Glass or acrylic: Glass.
  • Accessories: Mains filter, water filter, single strip LED light, AC adapter, remote control, waterfall nozzle and instruction manual.
  • Warranty: One year warranty.



The Hygger Horizon LED Glass Aquarium Kit includes a 30L aquarium, which is certainly a small capacity. Nevertheless, this aquarium is ideal for a small number of fish and for people with limited space in the house. If you want to place it on a shelf or on a small table, this is your option. This aquarium is perfect for roosters or a group of small fish.

Aquarium design

The aquarium is completely glass. The curved, convex arc shape expands the view of what's inside the aquarium and makes the construction more durable. The glass is bonded with a non-toxic sealant.


The LED lighting is 18 watts and has retractable brackets. It also includes a digital controller that can be used to set the lighting to turn on for three, six or twelve hours and turn off automatically. You can also adjust the brightness and change the color temperature. The LED lamp is housed in a waterproof case. The lifespan of the LED lamp is at least 20,000 hours.

Water filter

This aquarium set is equipped with a low water level filter pump. So as long as the water level is above 6 cm, it will work perfectly. The pump has a flow rate of 400 l/h. The water filter is complete with two tubes to create small waterfalls. The flow rate can be adjusted.

Hygger Horizon LED Glass Aquarium Kit

The power of the filter is 7 watts. It has a two-stage filtration system using both nylon filaments and activated carbon to remove any impurities, and odors.

Advantages of the set

Easy to set up

The Hygger Horizon LED Glass Aquarium Kit is very easy to set up. After unpacking it, place the aquarium on a clean, flat surface. Since the stone wall decoration is integrated into the back wall, there is no need to place it manually. Then install the filter on the right side of the aquarium. If you want to add tropical waterfall nozzles, now is the time to do so. Make sure the filter sponge and activated carbon are in the filter, fill the aquarium with water and turn on the filter. Then install the lighting system and plug it in. After the purifier has been running for 24 hours, you can let the fish into the aquarium. Set the color temperature of the lighting and its duration. That's it! Pretty simple.

Hygger Horizon LED Glass Aquarium Kit

Easy maintenance

Taking care of this aquarium couldn't be easier. Once all the components are hooked up and running, you only need to change half the water every one to two weeks. The filter can be refilled with new fill or completely replaced every one to two months, depending on the number of fish and the waste they produce. The filter consists of sections, including a two-stage filtration system and a water pump system. It is easy to disassemble and easy to maintain.

Cool Design

The design of this aquarium is certainly very attractive. It looks much more expensive compared to regular rectangular aquariums. The front is completely transparent, the back is a rock, and waterfalls can be installed all over its water surface. If desired, live plants can be planted, which makes the internal design of the aquarium even more unique.

Hygger Horizon LED Glass Aquarium Kit


Despite the small volume, you are not limited to this Hygger Horizon kit. The aquarium is compatible with both salt and fresh water, the lighting system offers several color options and timers, and the included filter material uses two methods to clean your aquarium. Some users successfully keep turtles in this aquarium as well - it's quite suitable for a small turtle.


At 30 liters of water, this is a pretty compact aquarium. If you're worried about space in your home or don't want to keep a large aquarium, this is a great option. It can sit on a table, wide shelf or dresser.


The water filter is very quiet, and the sound of the waterfall will help you fall asleep faster because of its soothing rhythm.

Hygger Horizon LED Glass Aquarium Kit


The Hygger Horizon Aquarium is made of sturdy glass on three sides and a rock wall on the back. Because it's all bonded together with a strong sealant, the aquarium is guaranteed against leaks or cracks.

Hygger Horizon LED Glass Aquarium Kit

Disadvantages of the kit.


If you don't like the decor in the background, you can't change it. The stone wall is integrated into the back wall.

Problems with the filter.

Quiet, inexpensive, and easily replaceable are great filter features. However, there is a compromise: it is quite weak. Depending on the number of fish you keep and the amount of waste they produce, you may find that the included filter fails, and swapping it out for a more productive one is problematic.

No heater

If you need a heater for your aquarium, you will have to purchase one separately. There are several types and brands of heaters available for an aquarium of this size, but this Hygger aquarium kit does not include one.

Overall Verdict

After examining all the positives and negatives, we can recommend the Hygger Horizon 8 Gallon LED Glass Aquarium Kit. It's easy to set up, very quiet, and will impress all your friends with its modern design. Well, you can buy this kit on Amazon.

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