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Aulonocranus dewindti is a species of featherweight cichlids inhabiting sandy bottom areas dotted with rocks and empty shells in Lake Tanganyika, the Rusi and Lukuga rivers.

Aulonocranus dewindti have a silvery body color, which in males is marked by yellow longitudinal stripes. They have a moderately elongated and compressed body shape that is about three times as long as the body height. The fish are called "feather fins" because of their long, thread-like pelvic fins, which in adult males reach the anal fin. Their caudal fins are crescent shaped.

There are several color variations, which depend on the region where the fish live. In addition to the two lateral lines, Aulonocranus devindti have developed enlarged sensory pores on their heads, which help them detect plankton, insect larvae and small crustaceans that they feed on under the sand. Their lower triangular, slightly protruding lower jaw bone has two or three rows of small, conical teeth that help them in their search for food. Adult males tend to grow larger than females, and in addition females have rounded fins, and males pointed. The maximum size of fish 14 cm.

Aulonocranus dewindti

Aulonocranus dewindti is recommended in an aquarium of not less than 300 liters of volume with sandy or very fine gravel substrate and a large number of shells, crushed coral and small stones. It is desirable to keep these fish in the species aquarium by a small harem consisting of 1 male and 3-4 females. In large aquariums several males can be kept together, if each male has at least three females, there are a lot of shelters and lots of stones, corals, barnacles and ceramic pots, so that males can create nests.

Water parameters: temperature 24-26 ° C, hardness dH 10-20 °, pH 7,8-8,8. Need quality filtration, aeration and weekly replacement of 1/3 of the aquarium water with fresh. It is important to strive to have a varied diet of fish.

Aulonocranus dewindti (Aulonocranus dewindti)

In the aquarium, fish are fed pelleted and flaked food containing spirulina, as well as live and frozen Artemia nauplii, cyclops, shrimp and bloodworms. The food is given 1-2 times a day.


Aulonocranus devindti belong to the fish that incubates eggs in the mouth.

During the spawning period, the male prepares the nest and attracts the female to it. Once the female spawns, and the male will fertilize the clutch, it collects all the eggs to her mouth, where she incubates for about 10 days. After the larvae have hatched, the female still holds them in her mouth until the fry are large enough to be released. It is very important not to stress the female, as this may cause her to spit out the eggs or fry too early.

After leaving the mouth of his mother's fry are fed nauplii artemia or crushed flakes at least 4 times a day.

Aulonocranus dewindti

The lifespan of Aulonocranus Dewindti is 5-8 years.

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